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Battle Fantasia - Story & Basic Systems

Battle Fantasia is a new one-on-one fighting game with a fantasy theme developed by Arc System Works. Running on Taito's Type X2 hardware, the game features slick, high-resolution 3D graphics. Gameplay is strictly 2D, however, and it's much more conservative than Arc System Works's flagship series, Guilty Gear: there are few aerial abilities (no air blocking,) chain combos are somewhat limited, etc. For key systems, the Gachi system is not entirely unlike Street Fighter III's Parries and Battle Fantasia's Heat Up powers are reminiscent of Vampire Savior's Dark Force abilities. More basic gameplay info below.

The information here (as well as some graphics) comes from the official site,, as well as Arcadia Magazine.

The world was once enveloped in darkness.
Humans faced the challenge in six battles but they were devastated.
Hope was lost... there was nothing left but to pray to god.
And yet, clearing away the darkness, four heroes
brought back the light, and the world was once again at peace.
The continent was split into "The Kingdom of Magic" and "The Steam Empire,"
and they enjoyed unprecedented prosperity.

Present day...
There are signs in many areas that the world is again becoming distorted.
People have started spreading rumors about "The Dark Omen"...
Fate, however, once more brings forth warriors.
One cleaves to justice.
One relies on instinct.
One seeks to reaffirm his faith.
For their own reasons, they enter the fray.
Right now, a new tale of heroes begins.

System Basics
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Throw Escape
If you input a throw command immediately as your opponent starts to throw you, you'll break the throw and get pushed back a certain distance (this distance varies from character to character.) After this, you and your opponent will be at even initiative.

Ground Recovery
When your opponent knocks you down, press the Gachi button as you hit the ground and you'll go into an invincible recovery animation and slide away. Note that you can't do this when you get knocked face-down.

Gachi Match
When you press the Gachi button, you'll briefly assume a defensive pose. If your opponent attacks you here you'll block the attack with a Gachi Match and you can counter attack right away. You can use this while standing, crouching or airborne. If you properly time the button presses, you can use Gachi Match against multi-hit combination attacks. Also, this negates block damage from special moves -- use Gachi Match defense if you haven't got any health to avoid being killed by a blocked special move.

Gachi Drive
Move the joystick towards your opponent and press the Gachi button to attempt a Gachi Drive. You'll assume a defensive posture similar to the Gachi Match but this time if you meet an opponent's attack you'll automatically blast them afterwards. You can't use a Gachi Drive move on multi-hit attacks.

When you connect with a Gachi Drive against a high or mid-level attack you'll blast your opponent against the wall. They'll be unable to recover and you can connect with a follow-up juggle.

Use a Gachi Drive against a low attack (down-towards + Gachi button) and you'll send your opponent spinning a moment before they fall down. You can close in and hit them out of the spinning animation. After a successful Low Gachi Drive attack you gain access to new combo routes. That is, when you attack a spinning opponent you can cancel attacks that you couldn't normally to inflict big damage.

At long range, it's possible to use a Gachi Drive to charge through projectiles and quickly close in on your opponent.

Certain attacks can be delayed by holding down the attack button. You can use this to throw off your opponent's Gachi Match timing. Also, your attack will do more damage the longer you delay it. Finally, some attacks become unblockable if delayed for the maximum amount of time.

Heat Up
When you have at least one MP Gauge ready, press A+C or B+D to activate Heat Up mode. This is a powered-up state that varies from one character to the next. Powers include: new special moves, assist characters, super armor, etc. This mode ends after a certain amount of time passes or after you receive a certain number of hits.

Building Up MPs
In order to use super moves and Heat Up abilities, you must first charge up your MP Gauge (aka the super meter.) You can hold up to three stocks. Here are the criteria for gaining MPs:
- Hit your opponent or make them block an attack to gain meter; whiffed attacks do not count.
- Successfully use the Gachi system to gain a substantial amount of MPs.
- Use various special moves to gain meter; fireball type attacks don't count.

Super Cancels
If you perform the command for a super right as you start to connect with a special move, you can cancel the special move into the super. There's no cost to this above and beyond the normal super requirements. Damage from the super move will be reduced somewhat but we're still talking about a lot of damage so this is an important technique.

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