Monday, November 15, 2010

Savior Diagram Version 5

DD posted a new VS character ranking chart. Consultants for this revision: Kaji, Umi no Ko, Nakanishi, Panpina, Fugo and Oraora. The numbers in green changed since version 4.

Also, via Dara's blog, here's Haitani and Deshiken duking it out at A-cho: link. Wicked good.

EDIT: Vampire Hunter live stream from Versus Thursday the 18th at 8pm (Japan.)


  1. Wow, I thought Akita's DDC-win was some kind of "fluke" but he actually beat Haramori in that Morrigan-Morrigan set. Impressive.

  2. Marusa Felicia vs. either of those Moris makes for really good fights.

    I don't know who was on the mic but they were talking about a lot of subtle interesting stuff.

  3. Heh, yeah, but what do you expect? I think he's up there with Akita, Haramori, Kashiwagi, TKO, Gotoh, Kawamura, etc.

    I wish I understood Japanese, it's so hard to find VH-stuff in English. :(