Friday, November 26, 2010

Super Turbo Live This Weekend

Starting from Scratch - Street Fighter 2 HD Remix Lecture

On Saturday Aniken, Otochun, ARG, Akashachi Kancho et al. are going to discuss HD Remix with Gama no Abura. The idea is to go over some basics so stream viewers can be better informed when watching American events.

November 27th at 4pm (Japan)

Thunder Beast Cup 2

The second annual Raijuhai 3on3 is scheduled for Sunday afternoon. After the main event wraps up, Otochun and Ito DJ will throw down in a first-to-ten battle.

November 28th at 3pm

Pre-registered teams include:
Otochun, ShootingD, Kusumondo
Aniken, Gunze, JC Hirata RY
MAO, ARG, Opemai CL
Mori BX, Prince, Kotaka Shoten GU


  1. it's pretty interesting how the japanese are approaching HDR. I read Otochun co-hosted an HDR tournament recently as well.

  2. Otochun said that Remix Gief is impossible to beat. Jodim/Nogyo/Haruteyjo said the first month of HDR on XBL that he thought that Gief was the top character in the game. Haruteyjo was even challenging all Akuma players to see if they could beat him because he thought Gief was better than Akuma.

    Oh and the Japanese aren't just approaching HDR, they've been playing for a while. Yuuvega, Muteki, Tsuji, Inrou, Nakamura, Shogatsu, Nogyo, as well as many others are top ranked on the remix leaderboards. Most of them now only play classic mode online for practice for arcade ST though.

  3. Hopefully something from them Japanese Top Players on Remix Chun? Hate those "Buffs" w/ her

  4. Is Akashachii Kancho the one with the turtle neck?

  5. I did not mean approach as in "just now looking at it." I just mean what they are doing with the game. Aside from Super the japanese don't seem much into console gaming that's why I think it's interesting.

    When did Otochun say hdr gief was "impossible" to beat.

    and why don't you just put your name in front of your posts VF4?

  6. also, I'd rather see gief be top in than dry tiger tiger tiger or walldive walldive walldive.

    Not that there was any reason for you to throw in some random "gief is so OP" comments.

  7. Yeah Akashachi Kancho with the turtleneck Aniken with the custom Nagase UFO shirt.

    When did Otochun say hdr gief was "impossible" to beat.

    It's impossible that Otochun said that Gief was impossible to beat.

    OK if the TBC stream goes over 1000 people Gama said that Shachio could use the NSB stream as a backup. (in other words if the 2nd link above doesn't work try the first one.)

  8. Oh also turnout was pretty poor last year (almost no Kanto guys) seems like a pretty safe bet it'll be much better this time. Should be hot.

  9. in case anyone wanted to check out jodim's gief on hdr it's "haru tejyo", not teyjo :)

  10. How come Ito & Oto played on Turbo 1?

    Very impressive reads from Ito, I loved it.

  11. They did rock paper scissors winner picks either speed or side. Otochun won and picked speed one. It's an old Starcup rule.