Friday, October 26, 2007

Darkstalkers Combination Cup 2 Results 100707

Daigo pic lifted from the official site. He says that he practiced for only 10 minutes before the tourney.

Vampire Hunter
48 Entrants

1st: Daigo (Pyron)
2nd: Marusa (Felicia)
3rd: Kira (Aulbath)

Vampire Savior
31 Teams (93 Entrants)

1st: Kosho (Bulleta), Nasu (Sasquatch) & Kaji (Lilith)
2nd: Norio (Bishamon), T2ya (Zabel) & Yankee (QB)
3rd: Sakamoto (QB), Sasunii (Sasquatch) & Ogawa (Zabel)

Gian (Zabel), Shiro (Sasquatch) and Mattsun (Morrigan) lost first round.
Nuki (Bishamon), Kenta (Demitri) and Asuka (Zabel) lost to Sakamoto's team in their block finals.


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  1. Wasn't VH the game where diago got 248 wins with pyron when he was in 8th grade? That dude will never need to practice. That skill set is forever locked in stone in his mind.

    Its like going back a play an old NES game you mastered as a kid. You will not need much time to practice to be a bad ass at it if you where to pick it up to day.

    It just shows the dude will forever be bad ass...


  2. So Daigo is still a master in VH.
    Are there any vids of his Pyron uploaded somewhere? Cuz I've only seen him using Bishamon in all vids. :\

    Oh, and Mattsun used Morrigan? I Start to like him more and more. :)

  3. ogawa - zabel - is it THE ogawa? nr.1 SBO guilty gear reload & accent core? mattsun also plays guilty gear, and i guess we all know gian.

  4. fatboy - Yeah 286 wins. Well he got 256, the arcade closed and he came back the next day and got 30 more. You're right about the badassness... also VH is a rare case where he used the strongest character... still kinda annoying for the competition, though.

    the dude -
    Movies of Daigo using various characters there. Like #8 is Hirai* Morrigan vs. Umehara Pyron. Daigo's Donovan was really something, too.
    *Side note: shame this guy hasn't participated in DCC.

    atg - pretty sure they're two different players.
    It stinks that DCC and Neo Star Cup were on the same day. Oh well.

  5. "Yeah 286 wins. Well he got 256, the arcade closed and he came back the next day and got 30 more."

    that reads like a chuck norris fact