Monday, November 22, 2010

A-cho 2on2 Videos 111410

Detailed results over here.

Block Highlights
Tsuji (BX) vs. Prince (CH)
AFO (BL) vs. Akashachi Kancho (BL)
Mori (BX) vs. Edo (CH)
Otochun (CH) vs. Gunze (ZA)
Edo (CH) vs. Gunze (ZA)
Shogatsu (OEH) vs. Kusumondo (EH)

Semifinals and 3rd Place
Tsuji & The SuperStar
Otochun & Mori
AFO & Kusa (CH)
Kusumondo & Gunze



  1. Gunze!!! Like a bear, he hibernates. But not waiting for spring time: waiting for you to fuck up lol

    And a Honda mirror that was actually entertaining? That's twilight zone shit