Monday, January 14, 2008

Newton Ranbat 011208 Vid

Gian vs. Kikai

YuuVega purportedly won ST @ the a-cho Capcom Olympics this past weekend. Over Kusumondo.


  1. You don't think YuuVega won with Dictator, do you? Maybe he played DeeJay.

  2. Who was Kikai?

    With all love and respect, he did not seem to konw his match up well.

    I am surprised the a Guile of that calaber make it to the finals.

    I am a Sim platyer and LOVE Sim, and Love Gian... almost enough to father my childern.... However, I love to see a good Guile players play Sim.

    It is such a hard match up for Guile, yet in a great players hands he can win.

    I felt that Gian just walked all over this guy... I guess you could say I was looking for a better fight.

  3. jms - I don't know who he used. I don't think they allowed switching, though, so Bison is more likely than DJ.

    brian - Kikai is ranked 4th overall in the Newton ranbat series IIRC. Behind Gian, Taira, Shiro. Something like that ... I don't have the link handy at the moment. He's quite good, anyway.