Monday, January 21, 2008

Saitama POPY Vids 011908

3rd place: Yukinofhu (Zangief) vs. Abe Abe (Ryu)
Finals: K (Boxer) vs. AOI (Claw)

Best bouts:
AKIRA (Ryu) vs. K (Boxer)
AFO (Blanka) vs. Yukinohu (Zangief)
Abe Abe (Ryu) vs. Yuzuru (DJ)


Here are the current standings in the Kasugai 50 ranking battle series after three events:
1. Gian (Sim/Ryu)
2. Futachan (Ryu/Ken)
3. Aniken (Ken/Ryu)
4. ARG (Claw/Cammy?)

5. Otochun (Chun/Ryu)
6. The SuperStar (Box/DJ)
7. Oreryu (Ryu/DJ)
8. Taira (Dic/Sagat)
9. Wassekun (Sim/Dic)
10. Oh!!J (DJ/O.Sagat)
11. Nakamura* (Cammy/Ken)
12. Kurahashi* (Ryu/Guile)
13. Gotoh (Ryu/Dhalsim)
14. Seki* (DJ/Claw)

* Didn't enter past weekend's tourney.


  1. So is it safe to say that K has officially switched from O.T-hawk to Boxer?

  2. This is such a great website, a million thanks to you for putting this together.

  3. Sanjuro - Dunno. I like the non-standard block sequences, though.

    4:57 - Thanks for visiting!