Tuesday, January 15, 2008

a-cho Olympics 011208 & 011308

The a-cho Capcom Olympics went down this past weekend. They didn't list the number of entrants but ST had at least 64 people. Neither were character choices listed so I just guessed.

EDIT: Yuu pic from GMC blog. Prince used Chun.

Super Street Fighter II Turbo
1st: YuuVega (Dictator)
2nd: Kusumondo (Honda)
3rd: Prince (Chun)
4th: Gunze (Zangief)

Vampire Savior
1st: SIN (QB)
2nd: DD (Sasquatch)
3rd: Verti (Gallon)
4th: Dara (Demitri)

(parentheses: games where they earned points)
1st: MDR (CVS2, MVC2, 3S, VS)
2nd: Nakanishi (CVS2, 3S, VS, ST)
3rd: Ekitai (CVS2, MVC2, A3)
3rd: RF (CVS2, MVC2, 3S)
9th: Dara (VS, ST)
9th: Kashiwagi (VS, ST)
9th: YuuVega (ST)


  1. Is there a hands down number 1 player in ST in Japan? Is it YuuVega, Gian, Otochun?

  2. The player with the most top finishes--and by a healthy margin--is Otochun. But I'll steal nohoho's thunder by naming the hands down number 1 player in ST in Japan: Komoda mack-daddy. BAM!

  3. Kick it up a notch! Heh.

    Yeah IMO Otochun and Muteki are in a class by themselves. Noguchi, Tsuji and D just below that.

  4. muteki? I don't know about that. in ST, Guile is not exactly top tier.