Friday, August 24, 2007

Classic SF2 Video - Nagoyan

Somebody posted a great vintage SF2 video on nicovideo recently. It was supposedly made way back in 1991* and features Tasaka (at the time a Chun-Li specialist) among other old schoolers demonstrating various tricks and combos. I re-upped the movies to youtube and typed up some notes (hat tip: T.Akiba) below.

* - Man, at my local arcade we were still getting the hang of DPs back then.

YouTube Playlist

Baiting Throw Attempts
One key technique here involves baiting counter-throw attempts and punishing with this or that. Blanka is especially vulnerable to this trick since he has that stupid double swipe attack.

Yoga Killing Arts
There's a lot of overlap between the Dhalsim techniques in the Nagoyan video and the ones on the 48 Killing Arts of Yoga. I wonder if Tasaka's crew were rivals with Foosuke and Team Y.S.B. Watch out for Yoga Sniper, Side Magic, Yoga Bonjour, etc.

512 Moves
In classic Street Fighter 2 there's a small chance that you'll get a special move simply by pressing an attack button. Since the odds of this happening are 1 in 512, these are called, "512 Special Moves."
I couldn't spot any 512 Moves in the video myself, but if you see a mysterious Sonic Boom or Sumo Missile this could explain it.

512 Guard
In the same fashion as the above glitch, there's a small chance that you'll automatically block even if you weren't holding back on the joystick. This can happen even if you were recovering from a move, too.

Okiseme Throws
This one was unfamiliar to me so I can only offer conjecture:
When a character gets to their feet after being knocked down, there's a brief window where they are immune to throws. If you attempt to throw them at a precise moment, however, the game will sometimes (randomly?) ignore this immunity. See pt.12 @ 8:48 for a clear example.

Counter Damage
Blanka takes double damage when he's hit out of the ball. Also, Ryu sometimes takes double damage when he's dizzy.

Zangief's Rapid Crouching Short
After doing a crouching short with Zangief, if you quickly press jab he'll do another crouching weak kick instead of a punch. Keep hitting jab and Zangief will kick rapidly.

Blanka's Semi-Unblockable Bush Buster
Instant (aka zero frame) attacks have a 50% chance of being unblockable if they're done close enough. It's like the attack is so quick that your opponent doesn't have time to put their arms up to block. Take a look at pt.10 @ 0:44 to see an example of this.
This phenomenon persisted all the way through SSF2T. Here's a list of zero frame moves:
WW Blanka - vertical jump fierce
Any Blanka - horizontal and vertical balls
HF, SSF2, O.ST Ryu and Ken - air hurricane kick
Akuma - air hurricane kick
HF Zangief - quick lariat

CPS1 Chains
If you press short + fierce simultaneously you'll do a fierce attack. You can chain from a regular short kick into this as if it were another short. To combo crouching short -> backfist with guile it goes like this:
down + short -> neutral + short + fierce
This is called a CPS1 chain because it works through SF2HF (the last SF2 game to use the CPS1 hardware.)


  1. Hello nohoho and thanks for uploading these videos ! A '512 move' of guile is at 1:10 of Pt2

  2. Amazing, great find. World Warrior is my favorite version of SF2, despite the likes of HF and ST being around. The game is just so raw!

  3. Hi Nohoho great vids, any chance of a link to the original video? ..plz? :)

  4. I haven't got it. I just reposted the .flv files from nico video.

  5. Thank you!

    This video is awesome!!