Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Lord Haitani vs. Team Nagoya (plus Vampire Savior Vid Round-up)

At the 3rd Nagoya Stories 2on2 Vampire Savior tournament, Dara and Haitani came in from Osaka and cleaned up. Afterwards, they played each other and Haitani won, earning the "Tono" (old-fashioned term for lord) title.

I uploaded the Haitani vs. Nagoya Players exhibition videos to FileForge: here. Player names are on the files.

Just for fun, here's a translation of the post-tourney interview:

Nagoya Stories(HYNE): Congratulations on winning and picking up the title.

Haitani: Yeah, thanks! In the main event Dara and I both did our parts and we got a good result. I thought that it would be a cakewalk but it was actually quite tough. I don't know what's up with this title, but when I heard the word "Tono," I wanted to lose. (laughs) Still, I got into it -- I think I'd like to go to the local ranbat and steal their Byakko title [*] so that I can be called Lord Byakko. (laughs)

NS: Next time you enter, who would you like to team up with?

H: I'd like to try and team up with CAA. I've actually never been on a team with him. You can't go wrong with Zabel and Sasaquatch, right? Man, I definitely want to enter next time.

[* - Byakko = The White Tiger. Lately held by Shiimaro the Zabel player, btw]

More Vampire Savior videos:
These are all on filebank. I made a little graphic to show how it works?

Yajima Morrigan (Nagoya Stories 3 VIP) Exhibition
password: nagoyaka

Dara Demitri vs. Team Nagoya
pass: nagoyaka

Haitani Sasquatch vs. Team Nagoya (Source for above f-forge file.)
pass: nagoyaka

3rd Nagoya Monogatari Festival
pass: nagoyaka

Vids from the January 13th Vampire Savior Ranking Battle ~West~ are up. Oboro is the man! This filebank directory has the whole series to date:
pass: vpsw

Here's the card for the most recent batch:
vsrkbw05a.avi Deka (Lei-Lei) vs. Kenta (Demitri)
vsrkbw05b.avi Oboro (Victor) vs. Shiimaro (Zabel)
vsrkbw05c.avi Oboro vs. Deka
vsrkbw05d.avi Finals: Shiimaro vs. Kenta
vsrkbw05e.avi Best bout: Kenta vs. Kage (Gallon)

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