Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Japanese SSF2T Player Report - Part 3

T.Hawk Players

Japanese: まやこん
Color: dark grey
Sub-character: Ken, Fei-Long, Guile, Zangief
Region: Kansai
2006 Wins/Loses: 5 / 1
W/L vs. top players: 4 / 0

X-Mania (2000) 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania V (2004) SSF2T 3on3: 1st

Beat SuperStar, ARG and Otochun back-to-back at the X-Mania VII prelims @ a-cho.

Even though he's known these days for his T.Hawk game, Mayakon used to be a Guile specialist. Along with Tamashima and Daigo, he's one of a few players who can play many characters at the highest level.

Japanese: 東単騎
Color: white
Sub-character: O.Hawk, Zangief
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 20 / 8 (71%)
W/L vs. top players: 9 / 6 (60%)

Super Battle Opera 3on3: 3rd (tie)
X-Mania V (2004) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd
X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd

Japanese: K, MASTER-K
Color: 1p (O.Hawk)
Sub-character: Fei-Long, Boxer
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 15 / 11 (58%)
W/L vs. top players: 9 / 8 (53%)

X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd

Fei-Long Players

Umechin, Noguchi and Tamashima

Japanese: ノグチ、野口
Color: dark blue
Sub-character: Claw
Region: Kanto (More/Mikado)
2006 Wins/Losses: 24 / 13 (65%)
W/L vs. top players: 12 / 10 (55%)

X-Mania IV (2003) 3on3: 1st
X-Mania V (2004) HSF 3on3: 1st
X-Mania V (2004) SSF2T 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 1st
Neo Star Cup: 3rd (Claw, Claw, Fei-Long)
Super Battle Opera '07 HSF 2on2: 3rd (tie)
X-Mania VIII (2007) 3on3: 3rd
Club Sega 5on5 (2008): 1st
Super Battle Opera '08 2on2: 3rd (tie)

Hwachoo! Hwachoo! Hai, hai, hwai!
If he sees even the tiniest opening, Noguchi will pounce and leave his opponent battered. His Chicken Kick trap is the best in the game, and if his opponent gets caught flinching Noguchi will hit them with a 7 hit combo with deadly efficiency.

Japanese: ゆうぼう
Color: light blue
Sub-character: O.Hawk
Region: Kanto (More)
2006 Wins/Losses: 18 / 20 (47%)
W/L vs. top players: 6 / 13 (32%)

X-Mania VI (2005) HSF 3on3: 2nd
Club Sega 5on5 (2008): 1st

Cammy Players

Japanese: オオタ、O田
Color: blue/purple
Sub-character: Ken
Region: Kansai (UFO)
2006 Wins/Loses: 4 / 3
W/L vs. top players: 4 / 1

Yuubou, Hakase and Nakamura

Japanese: なかむら、中村
Color: blue/red
Sub-character: Ken
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 7 / 9 (44%)
W/L vs. top players: 1 / 4

X-Mania VI (2005) HSF 3on3: 2nd

Shiki Guile re: Nakamura Cammy link
"Huh, so Nakamura at Mikado is a Cammy player. I guess people already know this, but that guy is really impressive. I'd say that his sense, spacing and tactics are all first rate. He might not stand out since he uses a weak character like Cammy, but when his Ryu and Ken get rolling you're in deep shit. I'd like to see him use Chun. I don't usually engage in hyperbole but as far as it goes, I think that Nakamura really has the "power." I'm not just blowing smoke here. ..."

Japanese: さわだ
Color: blue/pink
Region: Chubu (Kasugai 50)
2006 Wins/Losses: 10 / 5 (67%)
W/L vs. top players: 0 / 3

Super Battle Opera 3on3: 3rd (tie)

Japanese: タサカ
Color: grey/red
Sub-character: O.Cammy
Region: Chubu
2006 Wins/Losses: 4 / 10 (29%)
W/L vs. top players: 2 / 7

Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 2nd

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  1. I think Inomata deserves a spot up there among the T.Hawk players. That dude is freaking scary.

  2. Poor DeeJay doesn't even have an entry. Why are there so few DJ users?

  3. inomata for a top hawk agreed

  4. please can you start the monthly SSF4 AE tourny results again like back with SF4. its unfair you only do stuff for ST, which i am very gratful for. but we SSF4 fans deserve some love too:(

  5. heh me being optimistic was just wishful thinking, but that would be great if you started the results again. but if it takes/took too much of your time, i would also understand if you couldnt. thanks either way:)