Monday, July 27, 2009

Vampire Savior - DCC News

This year's Darkstalkers Combination Cup is scheduled for September 20th. Preliminary contests have been going on all over Japan. In the case of a team tournament, the winners face off to decide who gets the DCC seed. Art by Pon00000.

EDIT: DD has been posting a slew of videos from the pre-DCC3 5on5 tournament here. Don't miss the Oboro Victor rampage on the second page there.

Chubu: Space Shuttle Shiogama 5/3/09

Seed: Kosho (Bulleta)

Video: link

The main event was the sixth Nagoya Monogatari, a 3on3 tournament.

17 teams
1st: Kosho (Bulleta), Sakai (Zabel), Fugo (Lei-Lei)
2nd: Tomo (Bishamon), Hosokawa (Sasquatch), Azwan (Demitri)

There's a picture of the winning team plus some commemorative art by Fugo over here.

Kansai: a-cho 6/21/09

Seed: Takahashi (Gallon)

Video: link

2on2 tournament. Detailed results plus pic of the winning team here.

10 teams
1st: Takahashi (Gallon), Nekohashi (Felicia)
2nd: SIN (Sasquatch), Sachi (Lilith)

Tohoku: Playland F1R 7/26/09

Seed: Kaji (Lilith)

Video: coming soon


1st: Kaji
2nd: DD (Sasquatch)
3rd: Karry Potter (Sasquatch)

Kyushu: Monkey House 8/22/09


Kanto: Club Sega Shinjuku 9/6/09


Plus Alpha - Up North VS Crew

In anticipation of the DCC qualifier, the Tohoku Savior players created the blog Santuario.

The first post lists some regulars at the Playland F1R arcade:
Shimatsuya (Jedah)
Dame-otoko (Zabel)
Takahashi Jedah (Jedah)
Yasai (Sasquatch)
K (Lilith) [not the Hawk player]
Fujishiro (Morrigan)
Mega Star (Anakaris)
Yamanaka (Lilith)
Green Chokki (Victor)
Kumi (Felicia)

There was a warm-up tournament on June 20th that Dame-o took. Videos over here. Also check out the great poster for the DCC prelims here.


  1. Thanks for some sweet VS-info. Always very appreciated!

  2. Thanks for the informations.

    (for those that prefers yt, all the videos plus some extras, are available on SIOGAMASHUTTLE, neojinbe and GAMEacho channels)

    BTW nohoho, you know if dame otoko is Sakai ? The color is the same, and he plays very well.

  3. I added a link to the 2008 5on5 playlist. More than 100 videos on there now.

    Thanks for those youtube accounts. Lots of good stuff this year.

    Sakai Zabel I think lives in a different area (Kanto.) I'm not 100% sure though.