Sunday, July 12, 2009

Gian Recital Preview

The Gian Recital 5on5 tournament is going down this Saturday July 18th at Nishinippori Versus. Art (unrelated) by Edison Yan.

29 teams signed up. The complete list is here.

Here are a few:

Kanto seed 1:
Shiro, Taira, Gian, Nikaiten (Boxer), Nuki

Kanto seed 2:
YuuVega, Shogatsu, Noguchi (Fei), Pony, Yoshimura (Dhalsim)

Chubu seed:
MAO (Claw), ARG, The SuperStar, Futachan, Gotoh

Kansai seed:
Aniken, Otochun, Kusumond, yaya, Guts (Sagat)

Unipon (Zangief), Kiken (Ken), San (Ryu), Fujishima (Boxer), Namara (Dhalsim)

Ashitana (O.Ryu), T.Akiba (Blanka), Oji (Ryu), Bao (Ken), Cello Tape (Zangief)

Tsuji, Danjiri Dhalsim, Saitou (Zangief), OKURA (Cammy), Malure (Chun)

Shacho (Cammy), Aomori (Claw), tomo (Ryu), Kashiwagi (Ryu), Tasaka (Cammy)

Yoshio (Guile), YURI (Fei), Inomata (Hawk), Chiketto (Dhalsim), Tsunoppi (Guile)

ASTEKA (Blanka), Shibaoto (Guile), TZW (Guile), Monja (Honda), Hitsuji (Sagat)

Nakamura (Cammy), Kurahashi (Ryu), Tatsutoshi (Ryu), ?, ?

Mattsun, Kikai (Guile), Mu (Dhalsim), Buzan (DJ), Tojo (Chun)

Couple notes:
- Komoda is traveling abroad so Guts got his spot.

- Looks like the Game41 crew -- Unipon's team above -- is going to visit from way up north.

- A team with a prelim-winning player on it (a "seed") gets to skip the first round.

- You can check out videos from the preliminary contests over here.

- In other ST tourney news, X-Mania 10 is scheduled for August 23rd at Takadanobaba Mikado.

Here's a graph that shows the character representation for this event. Lots of Gief.



  1. wow sick, some of those teams are amazing!

    i'm pulling for YuuVega, Shogatsu the best player of all time, NoguchiFei, Pony, and Yoshimura personally.

    Too bad Komoda couldn't make it. My theory is the universe couldn't let the best Ken, best Chun, best Honda, best N Sagat, and best Blanka all be on the same team, the concentrated awesomeness would have just been too powerful.


  2. Shogatsu the best player of all time
    Pretty much haha.

    I hope Kiken golden boy from Hokkaido does well. Also Mattsun's team looks strong.

  3. I would bet on Kanto Seed 1, Gian, Shiro and Taira alone is too strong atm. Although, the Chubu seed looks terrifying with ARG and MAO on the same team... Dang, some sick teams... Very nice to see Inomata participating as well, really looking forward to see how he fares.

  4. No Muteki?
    No Kurahashi Guile?
    No Tamashima for Kurahashi's team?

  5. Chubu seed looks terrifying with ARG and MAO on the same team
    Also Futachan is probably the top Ryu at the moment. Top 3 two years in a row at Starcup no joke.

    The Dude-
    Yeah it hurts not having Muteki playing ST.

    Kurahashi ... Ryu ... won a small Ikebukuro tourney this weekend so at least he's getting warmed up. Hakase and Tama would look good in place of those question marks.

  6. Also Futachan is probably the top Ryu at the moment.
    Really, from what I've seen Shiro does not only look like the best Ryu atm, but he looks like being almost untouchable overall in ST. But on the other hand, all the recent vids has been from Gians arcade i.e. the same opponents all the time(?) (I would suppose it really isn't his arcade tho, just don't know what it's called).

  7. Shiro has been on fire this year. Setting aside Daigo it seems like Shiro has the best Ryu-Dhalsim game in the history of ST. Still, over the last couple years, I think Futachan has wins on a broader group of top players (especially Kansai crew.)

    It's tricky my "poking around internet discussion" time all goes towards SF4 results I haven't had a chance to read what those 2ch guys say about Shiro vs. Futachan.

    Gians arcade
    The Jaianrecital movies come from various places. Mostly Mikado, Versus, Game Sakura. The most recent 3 uploads were from Chubu (Kasugai 50) and Kansai (Nagase UFO).

  8. You know who's going to win? The audience. Those teams are awesome. Though I'm also sad not to see Muteki's name :\

  9. wow!!! 145 participants for a 15 yr old game tournament. how i wish my country can have so many challengers or rather i can be part of the action. :(