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Sengoku BASARA X Scoop - System, Mouri, Oichi

Universal Commands

Aerial Attack ↓ + B + C
Launch your opponent into the air. Hold up to pursue them and continue a combo.

Blast Attack B + C
Blast your opponent towards the wall. It seems that combo possibilities are much more limited here than they were with Hokuto no Ken's Banishing Strike. Hold the buttons down to power up.

Guard Cancel while blocking, → + B + C
AKA Alpha Counter, Dead Angle, etc. Uses one Basara stock.

Perfect Guard ← + A + B
This negates block damage from special moves and allows you to block ground attacks in the air. Depletes Basara gauge.

Just Defense block just before your opponent attacks you
Block stun time is shortened and you won't be pushed back as far.

BASARA One-hit Mode Activate A + B + C
When BASARA One-hit indicator (the spherical icon in the lower corner of the screen) is lit, press all three attack buttons to gain access to your BASARA One-hit Kill attack.

Engun System

Engun start out at Lv.1 and level up automatically as time progresses. The first time that you press the E button, you'll summon the engun and their level will be fixed at the current point for the rest of the match. A blue meter appears (with a horse) that indicates how much time remains until they arrive; the higher the Engun level, the longer this takes.

Once your engun arrives, a meter will appear below their portrait and you can use a variety of abilities as long as it isn't empty. The strength of these abilities is influenced by the engun level as follows:

Level 1
Weak Engun Attacks. Only 1/3 of the engun meter available.

Level 50
Medium strength Engun Attacks. 2/3s of engun meter available.

Level 100
Maximum strength Engun Attacks. The entire engun meter is available for Engun abilities.

The engun meter fills up over time. A red 'X' appears over their portrait when engun abilities are unavailable (if the meter is empty, etc.)

Engun Attack
Having summoned your engun, press the E button to have them attack your opponent. These attacks become stronger as you level up. As long as your engun meter isn't empty, you can use Engun Attacks in succession; even if they're currently attacking, press the button again to cancel their recovery and have them repeat their attack. I've added Engun Attack descriptions to the earlier 'SBX Scoop' posts - links on the left.

Engun Assist
Press E during certain BASARA super moves to use an Engun Assist. The timing here varies from one move to the next. Your engun will join in on the assault and add extra hits.

Engun Counter
Press E while taking damage to have your engun leap out and counter attack your opponent. Note that instead of using engun meter, this requires one BASARA meter stock.

Engun Block
If your opponent uses an Engun Counter press E quickly to call your engun out to defend against their counter attack. This also requires a BASARA stock.


I don't have the joystick commands for the this batch of special moves. Also, the descriptions are a bit iffy (Arcadia's text was more brief than usual.) I'll clean these up when more info becomes available.

Motonari Mouri

Saki no Te - Hatsu ↓↙← + A or B or C
Mouri sets a trap in the ground that explodes if his opponent gets close or, otherwise, after a set amount of time.

Hajikite - Heki ↓↘→ + A or B
Mouri conjures up a round wall of energy. Knock your opponent into it to send them flying. Can be done in the air.

Kinjite - Baku ↓↙←↓↙← + C
BASARA attack. A giant ring of energy appears in the sky and slowly descends, hitting multiple times.

Hasamite - Heki ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
BASARA attack.

Mouri Gun Shukyoku Saihai ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill. Mouri orders a squad of archers to fire on his opponent and then finishes them off with a naval attack.

Mouri has a variety of Engun Attacks than can be triggered with various joystick commands + E. It's also possible to hit the summoned soldiers and send them careening into your opponent.

Madoi no Te - Utsuse ↓ + E, then →↓↘ + C

Rei - Yumihei Jousha ↓↙← + E
Mouri orders an archer to fire an arrow into the air to rain down on his opponent.

Rei - Yumihei Zensha ↓↘→ + E
Mouri orders an archer to fire an arrow straight ahead.

Rei - Yarihei Zenshin E
A spearman charges towards Mouri's opponent.

Rei - Yarihei Joushou ←↓↙ + E
A spearman does a rising attack on Mouri's opponent.

Rei - Yarihei Rakka →↓↘ + E
A spearman attacks Mouri's opponent from above.


Oichi's special power, Ma no Te ("Devil's Hand"), comes out only when she's unconscious, so most of her special move animations start with her fainting.

Mamorene no Nushi - Yoh (In)
Tap towards or down in conjunction with your enemy's attack to counter with an unblockable shadow attack. Press and hold an attack button after parrying to power up the counter attack and add a status ailment.

Hirakene no Koku →↓↘ + C
A ring of darkness appears on the ground around Oichi. This command can be used only when your Devil's Hand gauge (above the BASARA bar) is full. Press an attack button to lash out at your opponent:

Hirakene no Koku (Shoku) A
Evil hands swipe in front of Oichi. Overhead?

Hirakene no Koku (Umi) C
Evil hand projectile.

Hirakene no Koku (Utsuse) B
The ring of evil hands stretch upwards. Anti-air.

Hirakene no Koku (Nageki) ↓ + C
An evil hand slams the ground. Low?

Kobamehi no Uzu - Yoh (In) ↓↘→ + B or ↓↙← + B
Oichi rapidly spins her blade in a circle. This move can pull her opponent towards her or push them away. Damages on contact.

Madoehi no Hane - Yoh (In) in the air, ↓↘→ + B or ↓↙← + B
Oichi falls out of the sky with a propeller attack. Move diagonally forward or back with the different commands.

Tsudoene no Yume ↓↙←↓↙← + C
BASARA attack. A multitude of evil hands reach out from behind Oichi and strike her opponent. Can be done in the air.

Kimarehi no Ame ↓↘→↓↘→ + C
BASARA attack. Oichi spins her blade in a wide motion and leaps into the air. Good for combos and anti-air.

Itareshi no Fuchi ↓↙←↙↓↘→ + C
BASARA one-hit kill. A giant shadow hand envelops Oichi and then crushes her opponent.

Engun Attack
Azai Nagamasa, Oichi's husband, throws a small shield at her opponent. Extra hits at higher levels for a maximum of three hits.

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