Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vampire Savior - Nagoya Stories 4 Vids 092307

Nagoya Monogatari is a somewhat regular series of VS tourneys that takes place at the Shiogama Space Shuttle arcade. Some movies from the 4th event are up.
pass: nagoyaka

For folks who don't want to deal with filebank, I re-upped the files:
(divx .avi 15-35MB)

Kaji (Lilith) & Kosho (Bulleta) vs. Oboro (Victor) & Dara (Demitri)
DD (Sasquatch) & Orekon (Felicia) vs. Hosokawa (Zabel) & Yamakawa (Zabel)
Takahashi (Gallon) & Nekohashi (Felicia) vs. bow (Aulbath) & Deka (Lei-Lei)
Atsuta (Lei-Lei) & Verti (Gallon) vs. Ego (Lei-Lei) & Yajima (Morrigan)

Oboro (Victor) & Dara (Demitri) vs. DD (Sasquatch) & Orekon (Felicia)
Atsuta (Lei-Lei) & Verti (Gallon) vs. bow (Aulbath) & Deka (Lei-Lei)

bow (Aulbath) & Deka (Lei-Lei) vs. DD (Sasquatch) & Orekon (Felicia)

Atsuta (Lei-Lei) & Verti (Gallon) vs. Oboro (Victor) & Dara (Demitri)

Earlier post with some discussion re: the 3rd Nagoya Stories is here. All the links are dead, though.

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  1. thanks for posting these vids man :)

    i love watching Oboro play Victor on GGPO.. i googled his name and found about this :)

    also props to the other players!