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The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga - 31-40

For a Yoga Fire tick, Dhalsim does Yoga Fire (blocked) -> throw.

Hat tip to T.Akiba for the skinny on the Guile Midnight Hell glitch.

31. Yoga Crystal Bomb

This is a truly magnificent technique.
It's said that this is a powered-down technique that only compensates for the limitations of the Delight Sight Kiss [#30]. Anyway, it has its uses.
To perform it, simply make like you're going to do a Delight Sight Kiss, but instead of using a headbutt, whack them with a Yogaku.
The merit here is that you can pull this off without having people think that you messed up a Yoga Fire tick.
"As I thought that something had flashed before my eyes, there was a 'Bomb!' sound, and I was eating Yogaku. Anyway, it stung." (So says Blanka)

32. Yoga Double Headbutt

Frankly, writing about this technique is scary.
You see, Hama said, "just forget about that crap!"
In spite of his opposition, however, I dare to describe it.

Against an opponent who has previously fallen victim to the Yoga Headbutt Throw, the chances that they'll try to counter throw after getting hit by a headbutt are high. In that situation, feign like you're going to try to throw and then hit them with another headbutt to land a Yoga Double Headbutt.

Since this trick has yet to work on anybody, if a reader gets it to work please contact me.

33. Yoga Galactica Phantom

Legend has it that this technique was perfected at a power plant.
It seems like a Galactica Magnum technique was developed at the same time, but that one is a phantom art that is still not understood.
The key here is to take advantage of SF2 Classic Blanka's close standing fierce.
After you attack with a drill kick -> headbutt sequence, if your opponent mashes the button to get a counter throw, Blanka will accidentally do a close fierce. Hit him here with a Yogaku, then another drill kick.... (etc.)
Your opponent can easily escape if they time their throw properly or if they use a close standing strong, so this has a short life span.
Even in SF2CE, after a drill kick if you feign a throw attempt and attack with a Yogaku it's possible to stuff Blanka's ball, although the timing is very strict.

34. Yoga Side Magic

Usually when you use the Okeyan Kick [#16] it trades.
If you're near the corner, however, Dhalsim gets pushed back farther, and you can avoid the Sonic Boom. This is truly the magic of the corner -- the Yoga Side Magic.
If Guile throws a fierce Sonic Boom this is somewhat difficult.
(With proper timing this works even against the fierce.)
To some extent this all negates the Okeyan Kick, but there are still situations when you can use the trade = OK attack. In that case, use that technique. OK, OK.

35. Yoga Endless Rain

When you're fighting against Guile, first knock him down with a Yoga Fire such that you are standing at opposite sides of the screen. After this, simply shoot well-timed fierce Yoga Fire attacks.
If Guile tries to escape with a Sonic Boom, just keep on firing. He may try to jump in here, but since he's coming from a good distance he'll generally use a jumping roundhouse, and you can close the gap with a short slide -> throw.

The Fire that knows no end now becomes an Endless Rain.

36. Yoga Crazy Train

SF2 Classic Guile had a defect called "Midnight Hell*" (special move seal.)
When this occurred and you had a substantial health lead, simply doing repeated roundhouse slide kicks became surprisingly intimidating.
You see, if your opponent messed up their counter attack they'd eat the roundhouse slide and then quickly get pinned down and die.

On SF2 Classic, you could say without reservation that this was the technique Guile players most feared (kidding!)
Also, against other characters or on SF2CE this was still fairly useful.
Compared to the Crazy Train, the Shou Shou Train and Chuu Chuu Train are merely toys -- the Crazy Train is the one true locomotive.

[* - When Guile gets hit during a move's recovery, he becomes unable to perform Sonic Booms and Flash Kicks. He can fix this condition by whiffing a ground attack.]

37. Yoga Bomber

Once your opponent has very little health, finish them off with a noogie (strong punch throw.) If you hold up on the joystick here, you can jump after they die; immediately do a mummy attack to use this technique.
On SF2 Classic the post-KO slowdown made timing the mummy attack tricky. When SF2CE came out it became extremely easy, however, so the name became Even-a-monkey-could-do-it Yoga Bomber and nobody used it any more.

P.S. In Quiz Sangokushi (or possibly Tonosama no Yabou*,) in response to the question "Which of the following is one of Dhalsim's special moves?" I wonder if anyone but Idagoro responded with 'Yoga Bomber.'

[* - These are arcade trivia games by Capcom with a Romance of the Three Kingdoms/Nobunaga's Ambition motif.]

38. Yoga Triple Rod

You could say that Dhalsim's techniques number in the hundreds; there was a time when even the slightest movement would get a name that would echo throughout the arcades.
Because of this, in the end there were names that were constantly used and other, less interesting moves were never spoken of. This is one of those.

Close in on Guile and hit him with the tip of a far crouching jab. When you do another crouching jab it won't hit your opponent. After this do a far crouching fierce and, since he's thinking "their attacks are out of range," Guile will throw a Sonic Boom and your fierce punch will hit him in the leg.
Ideally, you should stuff his attack before he releases the Sonic Boom. Or if you're near the corner, Side Magic will allow you to block it.

Well, everyone uses this technique, but I want people to remember this name for it!

39. Yoga Flying Pirates

Sniper attacks are boring if they don't catch people on the ground.
Still, if you're annoyed at the way Chun-Li jumps to escape ticks then this is for you.
After you make Chun-Li block a Yoga Fire or a drill kick, feign like you're going to throw her and then jump up or back and do a jump roundhouse kick. Then enjoy watching Chun-Li get hit as she tries to avoid the throw with a jump.
If your opponent uses a Spinning Bird Kick instead of a jump you can beat it cleanly with a drill kick.

This was difficult on SF2 Classic but after CE came out it was hard to see the drill kick failing here. It seems like Jenety (Jimbou area Chun player, quite strong) falls for this a lot. (Right, Hama?)

P.S. Sorry Takahashi!

40. Yoga Most Dangerous Throw

When fighting against Guile on SF2 Classic, if you executed close standing strong -> throw with the perfect timing he wouldn't have a chance to do a Flash Kick before getting thrown. The timing was extremely strict, however, and so this was called the "Most Dangerous Throw."
Nevertheless, according to Hamah if you approached Guile as he was doing repeated crouching jabs (Psycho Punch?) and thew him, "this one is the Most Dangerous. Let's call that one (close strong -> throw) the More Dangerous Throw."
And thus he decreed that throwing Guile out of his rapid crouching jabs was the Yoga Most Dangerous Throw.

Still, the Most Dangerous Combo in Kinnikuman was weak.

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