Monday, March 12, 2007

The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga - 11-20

A couple quick notes:
"Mummy" refers to the head-first drill (down + fierce in the air.)

Maruge, the official Gamest magazine store, carried arcade-game-related publications, action figures, comics, etc.

11. Yoga Wonderful Low

When Dhalsim does a far crouching punch, his hit box gets lower.
With this in mind, meet a Ryu or Ken jump-in with a whiffed far crouching strong and then throw. That's the Wonderful Low.
If your opponent does their jump attack late, however, you'll eat it, so be careful.
Also, if you do this against someone other than Ryu or Ken it's going to cost you.
In the print version at Gamest's Maruge store, this had the incorrect name, "Beautiful Low."

12. Yajima Special

First, when you're fighting against Dhalsim, grab him with medium punch (the noogie.)
Then, immediately after it ends, jump towards and juggle[*] with a mummy.
After this, since you will be able to act first, hit him as he lands with a properly timed Nospey x2 combo.
On top of being very likely to dizzy, this trick can be used a second time for the re-dizzy.
This is extremely difficult to do in the corner, however, so you're better off not using it there.

By the way, if you do the mummy a little late, move behind them after the mummy and hit them with Nospey x2, this becomes the Yajima Special mkII.
The mkII can be easily countered with a throw, though, so hit them with:
Yajima Special -> mkII -> Yajima Special
and your opponent won't know what the hell is going on!

In a Dhalsim mirror match, the noogie is much more important than the throw.

[* - SF2CE!]

13. Yoga Flame Strike

From mid-screen, burn your opponent down with a Yoga Fire, then shoot a jab Yoga Fire and head towards them with a mummy.
At this point, if they miss their wake-up attack they'll eat the mummy and then the jab Yoga Fire will catch them in the back.
This trick takes advantage of the fact that Dhalsim's opponent gets pushed back a good distance when they eat the mummy attack (far fierce, etc. = no good.)
The timing to set up a Yoga Fire right behind your opponent's back is tricky, but if you get it to work this is a beautiful ultimate art of Yoga.
If you're wondering why it isn't called Yoga Fire Strike,
"that's because flame is cooler." (says Foosuke)
That's it.

14. Yoga Sunshine Reds Overdrive

"Boy, I was really happy."
Mr. H (Dhalsim player) said this when describing his fight the day before against 20-Gou (Guile player, age 19, single, unfamiliar with Comic Market. Ghastly sister. Cozy house. Crappy bicycle. Real name [...]. Made it to the final eight at the SF2CE Gamest Cup.)
"Naturally, that guy backed into the corner and turned into a Sonic Boom manufacturing machine. I went to my corner and fought back with repeat Yoga Fire attacks and dodges. Eventually he missed a Sonic Boom and wound up blocking a Yoga Fire; I blocked one FB, too, and then time ran out.
At that point, 20-Gou was thinking, 'Draw game, huh? Oh well, how many Sonic Booms am I going to throw next round?' However...
... That's right. Even though I hadn't lost more than one pixel of life, it turns out that Guile had lost 2-3 pixels. So I yelled:
Yoga Sunshine Reds Overdrive!, thank you Idagoro (inventor of this killing art.)"
The end.
A painful (<- NB) Yoga Fire that takes off two or more pixels when blocked is called the Yoga Sunshine Reds Overdrive.

15. Yoga Chuu Chuu Train
[Chuu means medium, as in "medium kick"]

The repeated Dhalsim forward slide kick technique is called the Yoga Chuu Chuu Train.
This comes from a TV commercial featuring the Choo Choo Train from ZOO that was a fad at the time.
This technique was made just for fun.
We haven't seen you on TV lately, ZOO. What happened, ZOO?
Did you get tired of Skiing, ZOO? Farewell, ZOO.
... (Apologies to ZOO fans.)
In addition, repeated short sliding is called Shou Shou Train.

P.S. Later, I heard from my sister that ZOO was quite popular.
And they were still running commercials. Sorry ZOO.

16. Okeyan Kick

When you're facing a Guile player who is trying to creep in behind a Sonic Boom, kick right into it with far standing roundhouse to score a trade.
In the old days of SF2 classic, when we were struggling to deal with Guile players walking in behind Sonic Booms, the Okeyan* Dhalsim player Beta explained to us, "go ahead and trade with all of those guys with a standing roundhouse."
From that point on, using standing roundhouse to trade with Sonic Booms became known as the Okeyan Kick. Thank you, Beta.

[* - Okeyan: a team of gamers, a la YSB]

17. Yoga ShouChikuBai
[lit. Pine, Bamboo, Plum]

When you have your opponent dizzied at a distance do:
far standing short (whiff) -> far standing medium kick (whiff) -> far standing roundhouse (brain burn)
to use this humiliation technique.
The short becomes Shou, the forward Chiku and the roundhouse Bai.
Even when your opponent isn't dizzy, call out "Shou - Chiku - Bai" as you do short - forward - roundhouse as a goof.
And if they get hit along the way you'll have a good laugh.
Incidentally, if you do forward kick twice that's Yoga ChikuChiku, and roundhouse times two is Yoga BaiBai.

18. Yoga Bloody Nail

This technique involves knocking down E.Honda's flying headbutt or Blanka's horizontal ball attack with a properly timed far standing jab.
Based on its appearance, that attack used to be called "Got any change?"
When this killing art was developed, Idagoro, eager to hit Blanka's ball with the far jab said,
"Oh, fantastic! Let's call this the Yoga Bloody Nail,"
and he flew off to make a memo in the Yoga Note.
Where is he now?

19. Yoga Tiger Crush

It's said that this flying knee attack is based on the teachings of well known Thai martial artist Sagat.
It goes like this: do a drill kick such that it lands in front of your opponent without hitting them and then, without missing a beat, hit them with a close roundhouse kick (the knee.)
Do this while crying out, "Tiger!"

When you've dizzied Sagat, deliberately back away and do:
vertical jump -> quick drill kick repeatedly (while saying, "Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!")
Then finish with a Yoga Tiger Crush.
Pull this off, and you, too, become a member of
Magic Sworded Heaven and Earth of Dragon's Master*

[* - This is a mash-up of the names of various Capcom games.]

20. ?Melancholic Five

In terms of both psychological damage and health damage, this is the strongest of all of Dhalsim's techniques.
When your opponent jumps at you, hit them with:
cross-up short slide -> close crouching jab x2 -> Nospey -> short slide OR walk-in fierce throw
Let's point out, when you land this technique it usually dizzies, it takes off nearly half their life and moreover, you inflict a crippling amount of psychological damage on your opponent.
There are some pitfalls: if they anticipate the technique, you'll get only four hits. It doesn't work if they don't jump in from the appropriate distance. Close crouching jab x2 is very difficult to land, etc.
The name reflects the fact that an opponent hit with this will be overcome with melancholic feelings.


  1. one quesion, could you do Yoga Melancholy in Super Turbo???

  2. Yes. You can see jab jab Nospey at the end of this video:
    (I think I have the wrong name for #20. Looks like it should be "Yoga Melancholic Five" I'll fix it later.)

    Also, in ST you can do a redux version of the yajima special mkII. In dhalsim vs. dhalsim a mummy done very quickly after a noogie will get you to the other side of enemy 'sim. Very difficult, though.

    Spare change?

  3. Love the YSB Sim stuff. Keep it up. I responded to your PM on SRK. Lets see if we can get some good vids from the Jap servers.