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The 48 Killing Arts of Yoga - 21-30

Unfortunately, the names for all of the techniques in this section were missing.

21. Yoga Cheering Squad

Fighting is always a solitary activity and SF2CE is no exception.
In a lonely fight, Dhalsim has the ability to cheer himself on.
To accomplish this, simply do a Yoga Flame immediately after you've burned your opponent.
When you do this, Dhalsim will say, "Yoga Fure! Fure! imu"
Even if you do this in the middle of a fight, nobody will notice if the sound is turned down. Use this technique in an arcade that has the volume set high.

[Fure (Hooray?) - a sports cheer.
Fureimu - Japanese pronunciation of "Flame"]

22. ?Yoga Winning Throw

After dodging a Sonic Boom with a short slide kick, do a drill kick that lands directly in front of Guile. When you do this, Guile will get frightened and crouch block so you can throw him without missing a beat. That's the Yoga Winning Throw.
Most Guiles, however, will react to the short slide with a crouching forward kick. When this happens, your drill kick will hit and you won't be able to go for the throw. That's fine, too.
Depending on the player, this technique can be difficult to counter, so use it frequently when you're playing against Guile.

23. ?

When playing a Dhalsim mirror match and you've got them near the corner do:
noogie -> drill kick -> mummy -> another drill kick -> Nospey x2
The final drill kick works like a Spiral Break starter.
When a drill kick (or mummy) gets stuck and falls in the corner, that's a Yoga Okayu*. Or you could call it Okayu state since the rice isn't ready yet.

I don't get it.

[*Okayu - rice porridge]

24. ?Yoga Fire Till Death

When you've chased Guile into the corner, stand just outside his Flash Kick range and do repeated Yoga Fire attacks until your opponent dies (or Guile jumps in, does a three hit combo, and Dhalsim dies.)
As per the name, Dhalsim stakes his life on the repeated Yoga Fire.
Usually, Yoga is the first to die.
Substitute Flame for Fire and we have the Yoga Flame Till Death.

25. ?Thank You, Danna
["Master" cf. Foosuke entry here]

"Boy, that was really amazing."
Mr. H recalled the fight between F__ suke (Dhalsim player) and 20-Gou (Guile player, charges Sonic Booms quickly, not to be confused with Machine Guile, pretty strong but stopped using Guile since the Gamest Cup and got weaker) like it was yesterday.
"Naturally, that guy backed into the corner and turned into a Sonic Boom manufacturing machine. Foosuke went to his corner and fought back with repeat Yoga Fire attacks and dodges. And then, curiously, 20-Gou followed in behind a jab Sonic Boom. Foosuke avoided the Sonic by jumping backwards.
At that point, 20-Gou was thinking, 'Nice, he's eating Sonic. I can go back to being a Sonic Boom manufacturing machine. How many Sonic Booms can I throw this time?' However... swish.
That's right. Foosuke Dhalsim landed from the back jump without getting hit by the jab Sonic.
At that point I couldn't see any more because of the tears in my eyes."
The end.
When you dodge a jab Sonic Boom by jumping backwards and then landing safely that's called "Thank You, Danna" (<- affectionate name for Foosuke.)
If it looks like you're going to get hit by the Sonic Boom and you use a drill kick to avoid it, it becomes "Sorry, Danna."

26. ?

This technique can be used when you've knocked your opponent down and you're right next to them.
As they stand up, there's a moment when your opponent floats. Do a short slide kick the instant there's a gap between them and the ground, and then headbutt them from behind. [TL?]
The difficulty for this technique is Ultra-C, super hard.
Your opponent will receive a terrific shock from this one.

27. ?Yoga Whatchamacallit Train

This technique is just awesome. How is it awesome, you ask? Just keep reading.
After canceling a Hadoken or Sonic Boom with a Yoga Fire, do forward slide -> roundhouse slide and if your opponent tries to throw another fireball they'll eat the roundhouse slide kick.
This is tricky against the Sonic Boom, however.
Whenever a Shimoigusa area Ryu/Ken player gets caught by this technique they howl, "damn, I ate the Yoga Whatchamacallit Train!"

28. ?

This is one of the few Yoga three-hit combination attacks.
When you've dizzied Zangief, leap and hit him with a jump roundhouse kick and then follow up with a headbutt after you land.
The timing and spacing are extremely difficult, but if you do it well you can definitely get the three-hit combo.
I've landed this only once in an actual match and it didn't surprise anyone, so that was a bummer.
Once you learn this technique, you'll often get into trouble when you attempt it on a dizzied Zangief, but I think you can win over the spectators.

29. ?Yoga Headbutt Throw

As the name suggests, this shameless technique consists of a headbutt hit followed by a walk-in throw.
When Idagoro thought up this technique, everybody had already discussed it so people were too wary to fall for it. And yet, at last, it worked on someone:
Yoga Headbutt Throw victim number one was none other than Yoga Strike Backers' own Yokomura.

Back then, Yokomura was using Guile on SF2. In this case, the first headbutt hit caught him on the ground and the second hit him in the air (this happens sometimes.) Since he didn't get pushed away, he was easily thrown afterwards.
Matsumoto (a friend who owned a cabinet) was passing around home videos and when he suggested that they add player names to the bottom of the screen to create an archival copy it made Idagoro so happy he still remembers it like it was yesterday.

P.S. Sorry, Yokomura

30. ?Yoga Delight Sight Kiss

This is a frighteningly sleazy technique.
You make it seem like you're going to tick with a Yoga Fire but attack with a headbutt instead. Of course, there's no way to avoid having this look like a mistimed tick.
Still, if you pull this off and go for a Headbutt Throw afterwards, that technique is called the Yoga Delight Sight Kiss Throw.

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