Thursday, February 2, 2012

To-do List, Special Thanks, Best Posts

I'm going to wrap up Super Turbo coverage on this blog pretty soon. There are some things I'd like to post before then - in particular:

  • Contest!
  • Player Report Update
  • Videos from Japan Trip
  • Hajiki Screw with VIPER
  • Blanka Diagram
  • Miscellaneous Graphs
  • Secret Project JBH-1KG-FIG

Please look for those posts over the next few months. This blog may stay open after that with a bit of Morrigan fan art, some translated comics and possibly some Persona Ultimate news. We'll see.


Better late than never!?

I got back into ST after nearly 10 years away because of Nick. The way he played Chun-Li blew my mind. Also his enthusiasm and level-headedness online really inspired me.

Quick personal confession: I have a serious problem taking "yes" for an answer. If I agree with someone, but they're using a faulty premise or mixing up correlation with causation, I'm never satisfied. NKI always makes an effort to argue in good faith and I really appreciate it.

This guy encouraged me to start this blog in the first place. Also he uploaded most of the videos to the Superturbor account. Thank you, brother.

People think I got started with Blanka by watching Komoda videos, but it was Harahi's web page that *cough* got the ball rolling: studying what he wrote, chatting about it with TY! and trying stuff out against NY players like FlashG, Doyle Bros and Shag.

Best Hits

Here are some of my favorite posts:

Muteki Interview
Even though it was just a stock Tougeki Spirits questionnaire, Mute Guile put a lot of thought into his answers. One of the best ST player interviews.

Emiko Iwasaki Interview
Fascinating look at the state of fighting games (before SF4 at least) — take a look at this even if you aren't interested in Battle Fantasia.

Haitani Interview
Short but insightful Q&A with one of the toughest multi-game players. Again highly recommended even if you don't follow the games Haitani plays.


  1. ‎"The good times in youth only go so far, and eventually you realize that existence is in a constant state of flux. So, very few things hold much worth in permanance, and permanence is contrary to nature-- You're either growing or you're dead."

    Thanks for everything, sir.

  2. Although I really really miss this blog, you got to do what you got to do.

    Thanks for all your posts the past few years.

    I really enjoyed all the ST related coverage!

  3. Say it ain't so, nh2!

    I'll miss checking this blog every day, but I hope you still maintain it for reference.

    Almost everything I know about Super Turbo is because of this blog and because of you.

    Thanks for playing!

  4. Ending the blog... All things move towards their inevitable end I guess.

    It has been fun, thank you, thank you, thank you! I have enjoyed it.

    -fatboy (fatty)

  5. I didn't post much on here but I lurked and checked this site often and your site was a tremendous help for my tournament results data.

    Thanks for all your hard work over the years, Nohoho. Players here having a connection to the ST Japanese scene is one of the biggest reasons ST still is alive in the US today.

  6. Keep on rolling, nohoho! Hope you stick around in some capacity. Say hi to Fletch, Curtis and Fred for me.

  7. Thanks for all the work you put into this blog! I haven't been on here in ages because of school (no time for games means I had to turn away from things that might tempt me!). And so I was sad to check the blog today and see this post. I'll miss it for sure.

    I still hold hope we can someday play a silly blanka mirror.

  8. Without a doubt, this was the one absolute best ST blog around. Part of the reason I play ST was checking your blog and your posts, back when I would only lurk at SRK, and you, fatty, NKI and others would post. Just listening and learning.

    Thank you for your effort and passion. I have wasted years of my life playing that stupid Diablo 2 game, but I would like to say what I read many many times, when losing a character:
    "Your deeds of valor will be remembered"!

  9. Hey RedPants! I said that! Somebody watches my show! Yay!

    Also I'm going to miss this blog tons. Thanks for putting in the time!

  10. so sad to see the blog end, I've really enjoyed your blog posts. May I ask the reason for you ending it?

  11. Nohoho, your blog has long been on the very short list of truly indispensable English websites for ST. Thank you so much for everything you've brought us through the years!!!

  12. Thanks everybody! I think it's awesome that people all over the world are still enthusiastic about SF2 and I've really enjoyed trying to contribute to that.

  13. I hope you are moving on to better things in life - all the best

  14. thanks for all the years of coverage, it's a wonder how long you kept this running, you're a hero man. don't know what else i could say that hasn't already been said. sf2 never dies. sonic boom.

  15. :(

    Everyone above already said exactly how I feel. And hopefully you do keep the blog around as a reference as well.

    Kuroppi pretty much said it:

    "Thanks for all your hard work over the years, Nohoho. Players here having a connection to the ST Japanese scene is one of the biggest reasons ST still is alive in the US today." <3