Friday, February 10, 2012

Ze Contest

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Unrelated note: I plan on uploading Mattsun vs. Shiro and Mattsun vs. Damdai this week. Take a look at AHOJagi for that footage. Also add me on Facebook if you want.


Using one or more of the screen caps below, put together a collage or comic strip poking fun at some part of the fighting game world.

UPDATE 3/18/12: rules expanded, free pins


Comic strip should be between one and sixteen panels.

Two megabytes or less. Jpeg, pict or (non-animated) gif.

The subject can be from SF2, Alpha, SF3 or SF4. Characters, story, specific match-ups, specific matches, tourney history, players, MCs - anything Street Fighter.

Screen caps can be cropped, manipulated or even recreated. Get more or re-do if you like from the source; FWIW, the Shigurui show is on Hulu.

If you reference a specific match or moment in fighting game history please include a YouTube link if possible.

No memes:
Fighting game slang, terminology and basic catchphrases ("look at the damage") are ok, but I don't want recent stream-era stuff like "8.95" and "esports."

Using the structure and/or background graphics from forum macros is fine, but no "over 9000", ceiling cat or FUUUUUUU- guy please.


-Gamest Mook Volume 17 - Capcom Illustrations
Really nice 1995 art book with design works by Akiman, Shoei, Kinu, Sensei and Bengus.


-A Yoga Sniper T-Shirt!

Something for runners up TBD.


Send entries to Please put 'Shigurui' in the subject line and (optionally) your nickname in the body of the message.

Starting immediately and ending March 31st.

Entries should be striking: funny would be great, but clever, sexy, cute, disgusting, scary, etc. would also be great. Or some sort of Blue Velvety combination of those things.

DS and Master Chibi have kindly agreed to help judge.

Screen Caps

Click for full size.


  1. Can foreigners participate (I'm from Argentina)? Drawings recreating those scenes are OK, right?