Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Versus Team Battle 100411

XSPR! Looking good, brother! Also: Yoshio Hawk, Okafei visiting from Kansai


  1. I finally played in a Touzai battle at Versus! I normally prefer silence while competing seriously, but that wasn't going to happen at Versus-- however I actually had a lot of fun and even got into the shouting myself, during play. I'll try to get to these over the next couple of months or so.

    It was really cool to hang out with our favorite ST blogger while he was in Japan. We went to catch a little bit of a Dark Stalkers tournament at Club Sega in the basement, and we were talking about how to get one of the cool posters for it we saw on the walls. It's only right that Nohoho, of all people, get one of these posters, esp having traveled the planet and helping the English-speaking world outside Japan appreciate the game more, right? Right. Anyway, I thought we gave up on that notion and headed back. We walked through some glass doors and started to head up the staircase from the basement of the arcade. I was in front and Nohoho behind me, and I was looking ahead, with some of the posters on the staircase wall. The glass door closed behind him to provide a little muffling of the loud arcade noise, but then all of a sudden I hear this WRRRRRRRIETCHHH noise. I turned around to see him snatching one of the posters for the tournament from the staircase walls.

    Sometimes, it is just a lot easier to beg forgiveness than ask permission.

  2. Yoga Narc! heh heh. I'll post a picture in a bit I had the poster in a box (with a Capcom calendar I got at TGS) but it was a little too tightly curled.

    We had fun at those Versus things. I really like that format.