Monday, October 17, 2011

Kawachikko vs. Shanghai?

Komoda vs. Shangai Rematch 043010

Komoda apparently had another showdown with the Shanghai ST players last year. Videos from that day (name starts with "30上海") over here. Thanks to Mixah for the nudge!

2008 photo from this article.

十字火焰 (Shizhi Huoyan, aka Crossfire) and 清水 (Qing Shui) went to SBO '08.

Kusumondo vs. Shanghai Oct 2009

Kusumondo also visited Shanghai the year before that. There are a bunch of videos here.

There's an interview from a visit this year here.
EDIT: Papasi kindly translated it into English link


  1. Google translate
    K: I am a good friend he is very familiar with, I can help you have the opportunity to get in touch!

    C: It is really very grateful to it! On the SAKO is a very mysterious person, right?

  2. i was talking about this with mixah earlier today, i'm gonna try and compile the matches and mirror on youtube

  3. I have tried to watch the vids, but they load too slowly. For some reason, even if I give it some time, it does not work like YT, which allows the browser to download the flv to some temp file. When I would press play, it often discarded the content which had been downloaded. I have watched till he faced some O.Sagat: there were many more matches to check.

    Now I'm back to spamming F5 in the blog's front page!

  4. Use the DownloadHelper add-on for Firefox. You can grab .flv files straight from most video hosting sites and download them pretty easily. For NicoDouga use the program UltraGet because Nico's login system can be fidgety.