Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ko-hatsu Ratio Tourney Halloween

At the end of the month there's going to be a ratio tournament at Ko-hatsu. Each player runs a team worth up to 8 points.

Ratio 4: Claw, Dhalsim, Chun-Li, Boxer, O.Sagat

Ratio 3: Ryu, Guile, DeeJay, O.Ryu, O.Ken, O.Chun, O.Dhalsim

Ratio 2: Ken, Dictator, Honda, Zangief, Fei-Long, O.Fei, O.Box, O.Honda, O.Hawk, O.Guile, O.Claw

Ratio 1.5: Sagat, Cammy, Blanka, T.Hawk, O.Cammy, O.Blanka, O.DJ, O.Dic, O.Gief

October 31st at 4pm
Live broadcast

The video for the last tourney is up
Final on youtube
Complete event stream archive

Someone posted some X-Mania 9 triple Hawk action. Yakitori is 10th dan in the Versus danisen (with O.Hawk.) He's tough.

The Nico external player wasn't working last week; it seems to be ok now.

Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four*

* A hardware problem forced them to restart the match at the 2nd round.


  1. nice vids, who´s the gief player BTW? pony?

  2. It's Gunze versus Seki in that YT video.

  3. I like the idea, but it could be problematic with the lowest tier at 1.5 points. If you're really locked to 8 points per team then that 1.5 x N could end up further restricting team composition.

  4. Well this is the first time I've seen the points tournament used for ST in a while. Maybe after this tournament they'll revise the points because making a tier have a half point value makes no sense to me at all. Either that or they'll revert to Star Cup format where you had teams of 5 but top tier characters could only occupy two slots on your team.

  5. Ikebukuro Vegas ran an HSF2 ratio tourney a couple months ago. 3 point roster.


    O.ST characters (like Chun, Fei, Sagat) can cancel more normals than Super characters.

    Pretty strange that CE Zangief and Akuma are together at the top and WW Ryu and Super Sagat are together at the bottom.

    Ratio 3
    Ryu (CE, HF, S, OS, ST)
    Ken (CE, HF, S, OS)
    Chun (OS, ST)
    Zangief (CE, HF)
    Guile (WW, CE, ST)
    Dhalsim (WW, ST)
    DeeJay (ST)
    Boxer (ST)
    Claw (CE, ST)
    Sagat (CE)
    Dictator (CE, ST)
    Akuma (ST)

    Ratio 2
    Ken (ST)
    Chun (S)
    Honda (HF, S, OS, ST)
    Blanka (CE, HF, ST)
    Zangief (WW, S, OS, ST)
    Guile (HF, S, OS)
    Dhalsim (CE, S, OS)
    Hawk (S, OS, ST)
    Cammy (S, OS, ST)
    Fei (OS, ST)
    Boxer (CE, HF, S, OS)
    Claw (OS)
    Sagat (HF, OS)
    Dictator (HF, OS)

    Ratio 1
    Ryu (WW)
    Ken (WW)
    Chun (WW, CE, HF)
    Honda (WW, CE)
    Blanka (WW, S, OS)
    Dhalsim (HF)
    Fei (S)
    DeeJay (S, OS)
    Claw (HF, S)
    Sagat (S, ST)
    Dictator (S)

  6. quite interesting how the japanese discourage people using the top tiers

  7. ...although i don't know how PECO feels about O.Ken having the same rating as Akuma, lol