Monday, May 7, 2007

The 3rd Club Sega 5on5 Results 050507

This year's 5 on 5 tourney went down this past weekend.

21 Teams

Winners: Muteki (CE Guile), Chamu (ST Chun-Li), Tsuji (ST Boxer), YuuVega (ST Dictator) and Tencho (ST Ryu)

2nd Place: Kachu (ST Claw), Six (CE Dic), ABC (CE Ryu), Ao (CE Sagat) and postman (ST Boxer)

The picture at right was lifted from Honda's* blog. He said that people weren't very enthusiastic about the event this year since it was HSF and not ST. Too many CE players winning BS matches. Daigo himself played a run-of-the-mill CE Guile. The hot games were mostly the ones featuring ST characters: YuuVega (ST Dictator), Komoda (ST Blanka) and yaya, using ST Guile for a change. His jump in -> crouching strong -> double somersault woke people up a bit. Tsuji (ST Boxer) swept four teams!

The exception to all the CE gloominess this season has been Muteki's CE Guile. He went undefeated for the day. Jump in -> neutral cancel fierce -> flash kick? No sweat. Taking out top Dhalsim players? Bring it on! I said in a post below that I'm rooting for Otochun and Komoda at SBO, but it sure would be a shame if Muteki and Chamu (team name: Shinkon ("Newly-wed")) didn't qualify.

I don't have detailed information but two other teams that made it to the final block were:

Tokido (ST Claw), Nuki (ST Chun), Daigo (CE Guile), Kurahashi (ST Ryu) and Gian (ST Dhalsim)

Chibita** (ST Blanka), yaya (ST Guile), Gotoh (ST Ryu), The SuperStar (ST Boxer) and Komoda

* - Proprietor of the Daigo fan page.
** - Very famous Virtua Fighter 5 (Lion) player.

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