Sunday, July 19, 2009

Gian Recital Quick Results

Pic of the winning team here. More info later.

31 teams

1st: MAO, ARG, Star, Futachan, Gotoh

2nd: Aniken, Otochun, Kusumond, yaya, Guts


  1. Wow, the Chubu team won. Has that happened before in a major tourney? Ha, I guess having 2 claws was a bit overkill though. Can't wait for the vids.

  2. Yeah Chubu-only big wins are rare. The detailed results aren't up yet but ARG apparently got 5 points/swept at the finals.

  3. 'omg ARG/MAO? How can we win?'

  4. ha, you posted this from evo

    that's dedication

  5. Yeah, can't wait to see Nohoho report from EVO.

  6. Is it really Claw that is stupidly strong or is it just ARG that is extremely skilled or is it perhaps both?

  7. BTW supposedly they're going to make a Gian Recital DVD. Hopefully that doesn't preclude some online footage.

    Axel - Yeah posted from the phone. heh

    Yuan - Dude Antonio wailed on me! Great Blanka. I wish we could have a bigger NY vs. Socal showdown sometime.

    Pedram - That's a debate that rages on Japanese forums. For ARG, Gian. Also for SF4 Sagat players. When you see them win do you think "that character is strong" or "that player is strong?" For Claw specifically his worst match @ Boxer... that fight is basically even. ARG did beat Shiki at SBO and Tsuji at Star Cup last year. It's tricky.

  8. Claw doesn't really have a bad match. He has a slight advantage against a lot of characters and a good advantage against a few others. When you add up the slight advantages, that's what propels him up. The fact that he has no overbearing wins is why he's almost never considered amongst the top 2 characters in ST.

    But now, ARG claw has been shown as a dominating force through his consistently high-placing tourney results. Interestingly enough, no other claw player has really been able to manage success as ARG has done even though there have been quite a few claw players in the past (well, some still say Tachigawa had the best claw ever so maybe that's not quite right).

    We can all look at earlier X-Mania matches this decade where claw players looked almost uselessly frail. Even at last year's SBO, Noguchi claw still lost to Shiki boxer.

    But enough about that, a DVD would be awesome to have, esp. if it was being distributed around. I miss INH's productions...