Saturday, August 22, 2009

X-Mania 10 Live Stream

The X-Mania X main event starts Sunday at 12 noon in Japan. (Saturday 11pm eastern, 8pm pacific in the US.)


Click 'ライブを見る' to start video. Pressing the grey magnifying glass button brings up a pop up window. From there hit the brown button in the upper right for a larger view.

MC: Master Foosuke
45 teams including:

Tamashima (Boxer), Shogatsu (O.Honda), Inomata (Hawk)

Kurahashi, Yuu (Dictator), ARG (Claw)

Ashitana (O.Ryu), T.Akiba (Blanka), USA (Boxer)

XSPR (Dhalsim), Mr. Bob (O.KenRyu), Brian (Guile)

AFO (Blanka), Nakamu (Blanka), Kusumond (Honda)

Komoda (Blanka), yaya (Sagat), Futachan (Ryu)

Noguchi, Hakase (Dhalsim), Yoshimura (Dhalsim)

Otochun (Chun), Seki (DJ), Gunze (Zangief)


  1. Very nice. Which team is Gary Busey/random celebrity rooting for?

  2. Big B gots go with Komoda.

    Also rooting for yanks team. Played Mr. Bob at evo great Ken.

    ...and Tama, Ino, Shogatsu crazy effing team.

  3. Wait jms you didna go to Summer Jam?

  4. Haha, figured it was a toss up between that team and the 2-Blanka (!) team of AFO, Nakamu, and Kusumondo.

    Did they stop the free/casual play? Sounds like something big is about to happen...

  5. No, I didn't go to Summer Jam. I've played a bit of SF4 but I haven't played a lick of ST (and I haven't even *played* HDR) in almost a year.

  6. That was a bit close. Busey's dream is still alive!

  7. Komoda's team getting taken out by O.Sagat was ugh

    Seki looking great yeah.

  8. Wow, Seki really looked like he wanted to prove himself and Otochun carried his team through when he was needed most. Amazing OCVs by both, an awesome stream, and a really exciting X-Mania X (thanks a lot to a crazy Inomata).

    Man, claws got knocked out in each of the final 3 rounds... would've been a fun show if the o.Sagat team had made it into finals considering they gave more trouble to Otochun's team than the other finals teams.

  9. What happen with the live stream link?
    i know that it was finished, but please post the link again

  10. Ganelon -
    If you say so, brother.

    Ikari -