Monday, January 12, 2009

Street Fighter 4 - Top Battle Point Scorers

Here are the top ten players (+α) in the online ranking system for the past season sampled at random intervals. Arcade machines in Japan only.

This information comes from different sources — some of the scores below 10th were taken a day or two apart from the corresponding top ten. The underlined parts indicate how I usually write those names. H/T: Monmon, Azrael and Ranix.

August 6th
1Cab (BX)40,402
2Mulder (ZA)38,557
3Dashio (VI)36,005
4Daigo Umehara (RY)35,936
5Mizoteru (BL)35,867
6Haitani (RU)35,147
7Kimidori (AB)33,536
8Ueno (RY)33,321
9Nemo (CH)32,997
10Nagabuchi (EH)32,335
August 12th
1Daigo (RY)44,391
2Nemo (CH)40,168
3Ueno (RY)40,078
4Cab (BX)39,695
5Kimidori (AB)38,717
6Mulder (ZA)37,348
7Mizoteru (BL)37,229
8Haitani (RU)36,265
9Dan (RY)36,231
10Earl (RY)35,683

28Effy (GU)31,299
38R (VI)30,190
95Kaiten-o (EL)26,563
August 19th
1Daigo (RY)47,400
2Yume (RY)45,852
3Cab (BX)42,373
4Ueno (RY)42,088
5Kimidori (AB)41,333
6Haitani (RU)41,257
7Shoji KOG (ZA)40,659
8Mizoteru (BL)40,606
9Dan (RY)40,432
10Nemo (CH)40,384
September 1st
1Daigo (RY)58,530
2Haitani (RU)49,422
3Nemo (CH)48,628
4Cab (BX)48,023
5Ojisan Boy (SG)47,997
6Yume (RY)47,102
7Dan (RY)44,986
8Ueno (RY)44,256
9Mago (SG)43,968
10Kimidori (AB)42,526
September 12th
1Daigo (RY)62,893
2Ojisan (SG)55,750
3Nemo (CH)54,053
4Haitani (RU)52,858
5Yume (RY)50,474
6Toki no Tobira (BX)48,334
7Mago (SG)47,958
8Usei (ZA)47,694
9Ueno (RY)46,480
10Dan (RY)45,983

?Kuma (DI)41,825
?Nagabuchi (EH)40,612
?Yama (CL)36,672
?Gema (AK)34,058
?Densetsu no Otaku (EL)31,818
September 22nd
1Daigo (RY)66,102
2Ojisan (SG)65,749
3Mago (SG)61,615
4Nemo (CH)58,094
5Toki no Tobira (BX)54,437
6Haitani (RU)53,006
7Usei (ZA)51,709
8Katsuo (SG)50,823
9Yume (RY)50,672
10Cab (BX)48,314
September 30th
1Daigo (RY)71,757
2Ojisan (SG)70,398
3Mago (SG)64,703
4Nemo (CH)60,787
5Toki no Tobira (BX)59,535
6Katsuo (SG)54,849
7Haitani (RU)53,006
8Usei (ZA)52,893
9Joe (VI)51,238
10Kanbara (RY)50,728
October 7th
1Daigo (RY)80,607
2Ojisan (SG)70,882
3Mago (SG)65,055
4Nemo (CH)64,619
5Toki no Tobira (BX)60,522
6Katsuo (SG)56,183
7Haitani (RU)53,006
8Kanbara (RY)52,697
9Joe (VI)52,405
10Mizoteru (BL)52,025
October 26th
1Daigo (RY)85,255
2Mago (SG)76,260
3Ojisan (SG)75,084
4Nemo (CH)67,140
5Katsuo (SG)64,223
6Toki no Tobira (BX)62,127
7Joe (VI)60,034
8Kuma (DI)59,041
9Mizoteru (BL)55,461
10Aojiru Guile (BX)53,807
November 2nd
1Daigo (RY)86,622
2Mago (SG)85,551
3Ojisan (SG)78,054
4Nemo (CH)70,045
5Katsuo (SG)66,053
6Toki no Tobira (BX)62,157
7Joe (VI)61,134
8Kuma (DI)58,847
9Tokidoki Nukinks (CH)58,226
10Mizoteru (BL)56,248
November 28th
1Ojisan (SG)97,558
2Daigo (RY)94,125
3Mago (SG)88,563
4Nemo (CH)72,620
5Katsuo (SG)71,920
6Joe (VI)69,852
7Toki no Tobira (BX)67,886
8Shiro (AB)66,381
9Nuki (CH)65,281
10Kuma (DI)64,302

13Momochi (AK)63012
16Kaiten-o (EL)59,569
19Aojiru (BX)58,680
21Iyo (DH)58,077
23Shizuoka Saikyo (BL)57,890
24Mizoteru (Bl)57,465
26Kindevu (RU)57,305
28Machi (AK)56,333
December 2nd
1Daigo (RY)100,127
2Ojisan (SG)98,966
3Mago (SG)88,563
4Nemo (CH)72,620
5Katsuo (SG)72,563
6Joe (VI)71,522
7Shiro (AB)70,298
8RF (SG)68,513
9Toki no Tobira (BX)67,099
10Bouya (ZA)66,703

11Nuki (CH)66,205
12Momochi (AK)64,788
13Kuma (DI)64,437
16Iyo (DH)60,435
17Shizuoka Saikyo (BL)60,292
19Kaiten-o (EL)59,480
25Aojiru (BX)57,712
26Mizoteru (Bl)57,721
December 15th
1Daigo (RY)111,320
2Ojisan (SG)104,896
3Mago (SG)95,984
4Shiro (AB)77,047
5RF (SG)76,896
6Nemo (CH)75,345
7Joe (VI)74,757
8Katsuo (SG)73,860
9Toki no Tobira (BX)70,959
10Nuki (CH)70,636

11Bouya (ZA)69,338
12Momochi (AK)67,811
16Inoue (KE)64,703
17Iyo (DH)64,271
23Dashio (VI)60,427
28Kaiten-o (EL)59,482
30Mizoteru (Bl)58,840
December 28th
1Daigo (RY)130,915
2Ojisan (SG)110,390
3Mago (SG)100,431
4RF (SG)89,309
5Shiro (AB)82,903
6Toki no Tobira (BX)76,678
7Nuki (CH)76,397
8Nemo (CH)76,507
9Joe (VI)74,757
10Katsuo (SG)74,521

12Dragon Boy (KE)72,874
13Iyo (DH)71,880
14Kuma (DI)69,449
16Momochi (AK)65,987
18Shizuoka Saikyo (BL)65,084
33Makoto (CL)60,393
37Kaiten-o (EL)59,434
90Nagabuchi (EH)47,914
January 1st
1Daigo (RY)130,915
2Ojisan (SG)115,066
3Mago (SG)100,431
4RF (SG)91,160
5Shiro (AB)86,643
6Nuki (CH)79,616
7Toki no Tobira (BX)77,097
8Nemo (CH)76,368
9Bouya (ZA)75,243
10Katsuo (SG)74,883

17Gema (AK)68,065
23Fax Gimoto (BL)63,267
27Aojiru (BX)62,130
28Dan (RY)61,907
29Kindevu (RU)61,846
January 9th
1Daigo (RY)137,135
2Ojisan (SG)118,797
3Mago (SG)104,272
4RF (SG)94,572
5Shiro (AB)89,837
6Nuki (CH)82,312
7Iyo (DH)80,511
8Toki no Tobira (BX)77,657
9Nemo (CH)76,490
10Dragon Boy (KE)76,204

12Katsuo (SG)74,883
13Joe (VI)74,757
24Maho Shojo Zangitan (ZA)65,134
25Koide (RY)64,616
29Black Mamba (BL)63,458
30Aloha (ZA)63,287


  1. Mount that charge, Iyo!


  2. Daigo pwns!! Does he have a 360 or a PS3?

  3. Thanks man! I couldn't find this stuff anywhere. Rly good to see Nuki pushing his way up there. I don't want any other Chun above him lol.

  4. Wooooo: Unless you're being sarcastic, the answer is No, he does not have either. He only plays on arcade.

    Thanks for the detailed update, nohoho. From what you can gather, do these numbers have more to do with quantity of wins, or quality of wins? I know that you get more points for playing better players, but it just seems so off the wall that he got so many points for so many months. This may put an end to the rumor that he is married and has a family, lol.

  5. Hi. Yeah no sweat guys.

    It's too bad there are so few videos. Iyo, Nemo, Toki no Tobira, Kaiten-o. Curious what these guys are up to.

    VPT - Both but more quality than quantity. Azrael has explained it on SRK. I think the very top guys have no choice but to duke it out with each other but when you start going below that there are some shenanigans. Zangief players who will avoid fighting Sagat, etc.

  6. Man, Umehara keep it up, hold those sagats at bay. 3 sagats in top 5 for the past few months O.O

  7. 6 - Tokidoki Nukinkusu (CH) - 82,312
    8 - Toki no Tobira (BX) - 77,657
    Nuki and Tokido are friends. Nuki plays Chun in ST, 3S, and SF4. Tokido plays Claw in ST, Chun in 3S, and ... what does he play in SF4? Nuki's name suggests that they share a card, but could this Boxer be Tokido maybe? If it isn't, what the heck has he been doing while Nuki has been making top 10?

  8. I don't have any info about Tokido.

    Toki no Tobira is a different guy. Qualified for SBO here and there in various games Samurai Shodown, Arcana Heart, Hokuto, etc. Good Ashley in Battle Fantasia, too.

  9. Toki no tobira also plays SFZero 2 with Birdie and...he is in a old "Jackie Chan in Fists of Fire" Tournament @ Mikado.

  10. I'm going to buy a PS3 or an xbox 360.

    Which system is better for online play of sf4 and HD remix?

  11. i have a 360, and I play hd remix on it. I'd only suggest ps3 if u want to watch blue rays as i think its more expensive. Idk, I think its preference. I dont know if SC4, SFIV, and T6BR are all on ps3 but i know they're on 360.

  12. They (Backbone Entertainment) dropped the ball with Super SF2 HD Remix for the PS3 because they just.. did. Not to the system's fault or anything, but they did and the 360 version came out better as PS3 is plagued with tons of netcode problems in terms of disconnecting at the moment. The patch has promised to fix things though.

    Don't take it as any indication how the SF4 netcode will be though, it should be equal on each platform.

  13. when will this be updated :D

  14. I think this was a one-shot kind of thing.

  15. Has anyone else been spontaneously losing BP with even fighting. It seems that as soon as I hit 2000 or more eventually 130 bp just disappear the next time I log in. I'done this quite a few time today I got to 2134 and then suddely I was down at 1950. These problems starting happening with the new challenge mode