Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SF4 Tourney Results: 2008 Addendum

I hope to have a December post up soon. In the meantime, here are some additional results from earlier this fall. Laugh and Tianyuan2k4 provided some international data. Thank you!

The A-cho Capcom Olympics are this weekend (1/10 and 1/11.) Scheduled games include: MvC2, CvS2, ST, VS, SFA3, 3S and SF4.

Additional events that will cap this season of 17-character SF4:
Jan 17th - Street Battle 5on5 (MCs include Cab!)
Jan 18th - Japanese National Tournament
Jan 17/18 - California Regionals
Feb 7/8 - SinSation Virginia

The links on the dates lead to videos.
 Date  Location # 1st Place 2nd Place 3rd Place
7/27Game CAP12E.S (RY)Raderon (BL)Yuu (ZA), Someyan (SG)
7/27Lupin 122
8/10Game CAP12Mako (ZA)Ojiro (RY)Katou (AB), Someyan (SG)
8/30Game CAP12E.S (RY)Someyan (SG)Raderon (BL), Tabe (ZA)
9/13Game CAP12E.S (RY)Aranu (SG)Ojiro (AK), Someyan (SG)
9/23Technopolis9Koide (RY)TKP (RY)(BL)
10/04Game CAP12Torimaru no Deshi (CL)Someyan (SG)Nebu (ZA), Tabe (ZA)
10/19Club Sega Nabari
Wizard (KE)

10/19Adores Yamato10Hameo

10/26Lupin 122
Random 2on

Dragon Boy
Brief Boy
Mother Boy
Nyoi Boy
10/30Planet Zero30Crow (SG)Jan (ZA)Mike Lu (RY, SG)
11/06Xbox360 Invitational8Poongko (RY)Laugh (SG, CH)Soul Hackers (DI)
11/15G-Star40Thor (SG)Maximillian (DI)Nice N2 Staff (RY)
11/22Am-Fantasista12Gema (AK)YARiki Machan
11/22Zheng Yang
Ru Yue (SG)Tian Ren He Yi (CH)Shuo Shuo (SG)
11/24Chariot Goi Nat Q
Aloha (ZA)Soy Master (SG)BA@DO (AK)
11/30Kagoshima Bayside
Random 2on

Denshi Hentai Vibeman (BX)
Chocobis (SG)
Rariken (RY)
Yagumo (SG)
Dengeki Kezuttaro (BX)
11/30Shinjuku Sports Land
Nat Q
19Daigo Umehara (RY)

12/28Sega World Matsue21Mochi (DH)Ajipon (RU)
12/29Cat's Eye
Random 2on
8tOmitsu (EH)
Maki (DI)
M2 (EL)
Segata Sanshiro (AK)


  1. MvC2 and A3, nice. Do they do those games every year? Or is it a throwback?

    As for the results, so many [seemingly] new players. I wonder if Yuu (ZA) is the Tekken player... And word up to 'laugh'!

  2. They do those games every year. The overall winner tends to get 1st in one game and 7th in a couple other games. Adding SF4 to the mix should be interesting.

    FWIW I think the Kagoshima and Game CAP arcades are located way out in the boonies.

  3. Thanks for the response.

    And yeah that makes sense about the results. Depending on the location of A-Cho (which escapes me at this moment), somebody like Nuki, Mago, or Tokido probably has a good chance at taking it (assuming Daigo isn't interested). Then again, we might find out that Muteki has a killer MSP on the side, LOL.

    And as for Yuu, you're right that it probably isn't him. LOL haven't heard "way out in the boonies" in a while.