Monday, June 16, 2008

Super Battle Opera '08 ST Qualifiers

Here is some information on the Tougeki qualifiers that have gone down so far.

EDIT: table removed. See newer post.

I'm pretty sure that Suzuyan is Suzuki Guile.

Kikai may or may not have changed his nickname to Kamedo.

Daimon Lau is a well known Virtua Fighter player.

Reminder: Kinki and Kansai are interchangeable terms.

By my count there will be only one last chance spot this year:
28 Japanese Qs + 3 International Qs + 1 Last Chance = 32 Teams Total

Slim pickings for videos. Hopefully we'll see some from the Qs at Game Sakura and a-cho in the next few weeks. Maybe Ooyama Newton, too.

Twenty-three teams entered the Akira Cup FINAL at Saitama Popy. Yuubou (Fei), Noguchi (Claw) and YuuVega won. The joint is closing at the end of the month.

One more...
RE: Zangief's Womb-Pump Attack
LINK: Street Fighter II de Danjo


  1. I count 7 Ryus, 6 Boxers, 4 Dhalsims, 4 Dictators, 4 Guiles, 3 Hondas, 3 Claws, 3 Chuns, 2 Zangiefs, 2 Feis, 1 Cammy, 1 Blanka, 1 Ken, 1 DeeJay, 1 Sagat, 1 O.Hawk, and 1 Hawk. Interesting results, thanks for posting!

  2. /',,,'/ ( '< atboy
    waka waka waka

    Some contenders for the last few Qs:
    Tamashima & Hakase
    Shacho & Aomori (Claw)

    Daigo & yaya??

  3. LoL after winning two SBO's it looks like Kurahashi's taking it easy. I know he has used Ryu before but I never expected him to choose him as his main.

    And that video was hilarous.

  4. Do you have any info on the 3 international qualifiers? I know one of them is going to be in Chicago at MWC. are there going to be any others in the US? in Cali? where are the other two international qualifiers going to be?


  5. Kurahashi wanted to bust out Ryu last year but Nuki talked him out of it.

    If you look at the field (thanks 653) Ryu Cammy ain't a bad combination. Nakamura on point vs. all those Dhalsims...

    1142 -
    May 1st - Shanghai, China
    June 21st - Chicago, USA
    Third week of July - Los Angeles, USA

  6. Couple things...

    1.Daimon Lau plays ST? That surprises me. I wonder if his O.Ken is as good as his Lau in VF (probably not)

    2.Good shit on seeing Aniken Qualify. I hope he gets past the first round this year.

    3. I'm sick of all these arcades closing in Japan. God damn you Nintendo!

    4. I'm Coming your you Nohoho! Betta watch yo back or else Jimmy will be taking alot of knees to the face. LOL j/k, keep up the good work.

  7. I guess the belief that the arcade scene is thriving in Japan is a huge misconception. :-(

    Praying that it doesn't go down the way the US scene did.

    Zangief in Chun's clothes.. at least her white boots cover up that odd looking "shin hair" that no one else on this earth has.

  8. ...I have some hair on my shins.

  9. I knew that a lot of little just-down-the-street arcades can't keep it going, but I didn't realize that sites this huge are falling apart too. I guess the decline is taking its toll at all levels of the business.

    In this short article, Namco announced that they would be closing quite a few of their arcades, and specifically blamed the Wii as the worst culprit for their shrinking profits. I wasn't sure if I wanted to laugh or cry. :-/

  10. nohoho, do you know how Japanese players pick teams? I know that regions must play less of a role due to the ease of travel among a large portion of the country. How much do friendships (Daigo and yaya?) or rivalries (Muteki and Taira?) play a role? How come you never see powerhouse teams (Otochun and Gian?)? Just curious about how it works.

  11. sanjuro -
    1 - I googled his name and there are a couple videos of him vs. bunbunmaru from way back that (I mean even though I don't know much about the game) are quite spectacular. The hype in this old video... damn.

    4 - Yeah I hope we get a chance to play a couple casual games. Who knows how much chaos there will be this weekend.

    re: Japanese arcades
    There are a lot of new games coming out this year but it seems like so much of it is standard genre fare. I dunno.

    732 - In fact Komoda talks about that a little in an interview that I hope to translate soon.
    But people mostly team up by region, then home arcade, then friends/sparring partners.
    Tsuji, Batayan, Komoda, Kusumondo, Mayakon, Otochun, D, Suzuki, Danjiri

    Gotoh, Superstar, Futachan, ARG, Yokkun
    (Chubu guys often float between Kanto and Kansai teams)

    More: Tama, Hakase, Yuubou, Noguchi

    Namiki: Ashitana, USA, T.Akiba, Koike

    Mikado: Shiro, Taira, Gian, Tsunoppi, Mattsun, Pony

  12. Correction of the above count:
    5 Dhalsims, 5 Guiles, and 2 DeeJays.

    I noticed there's no O.Kens. Kind of interesting considering he's 8th in the cast (if you count O.Sagat, but not Akuma).

  13. Who qualified this past weekend?

  14. Can someone post MWC results?

  15. Who qualified this past weekend?

    Yoshimura (Dhalsim) & Yuubou (Fei)
    Abebin (Honda) & Shu (Ken)
    JustinW (O.Sagat) & NKI (Chun)

    More later.

  16. anyone know who showed up to MWC? did Cole go? who was 2nd/3rd?

  17. Good job Nohoho at MWC. Which character did you use?

  18. Thanks! I used Blanka. Lots of biting. Was lucky to dodge Justin's O.Ken...

    1211 - Results here.

  19. Great job at MWC! After seeing the youtube casual vids your friend posted a few weeks back, I can't say I'm surprised but it looks like you also faced a ton of old school top contenders that didn't even place anywhere near the top. So there was a team for SBO qualification? Guess you didn't join that one?

  20. Thanks David!
    I did enter the SBO Qs with Damdai Gief, but... we didn't do very well.