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Battle Fantasia Scoop - System, Urs, Cedric

Here's some more basic BattleFantasia information. This time I've mixed together Arcadia strategy with items picked up on the 'net. The fan art section probably won't be a regular thing... I just thought it was neat how people on the BBS whipped up such interesting drawings.

Fan Art Roundup

Click to enlarge.

Kajima at Arcadia Frontiers:

Mizuki at this page:

Various anonymous BBS contributors:

"Close your eyes..."


Upper Gachi Drive and Juggle Limitations
To use an upper Gachi Drive attack press towards + G to meet your enemy's high/mid attack. Your character will do a counter attack that blasts their opponent against the wall. Since this attack isn't invincible, it doesn't work against multi-hit attacks. Note, however, that you can use Gachi Drive in conjunction with Gachi Match. For example, if Coyori attacks with her three-hit jumping D mop strike use:
Gachi Match -> Gachi Match -> Gachi Drive
to nail her with an upper Gachi Drive.

Having connected with an upper Gachi Drive you'll have a big opportunity to use some kind of juggle combo. In any juggle situation there is a limit to how many attacks you can use. Repeating attacks will cause you to reach this limit more quickly. When your opponent's portrait is red that means they are still vulnerable to juggle attacks. Once it turns blue you won't be able to combo them any further.

Attack Sets and Lower Gachi Drive
Chain combos -- where you cancel one normal attack into another -- in this game are called "Attack Sets." These are analogous to Target Combos in Street Fighter III in that each character has a unique set of Sets, as it were. I'll add Attack Sets to the next version of the move list.

When you successfully meet a low attack with a Gachi Drive, the chain combo limitations are relaxed and most characters can chain A -> B -> C -> D. I think you can tell when this is possible if your opponent has a gold trail behind them.

Okiseme Command Throw Trap
After being knocked down, you can be thrown right away when you stand up. People are saying that you can't back step or even jump to avoid being thrown. This is particularly troublesome for Face since he doesn't have any invincible (or at least immediately un-throwable) special moves. Wake-up Bazooka works, though.

Heat Up! Activation Plus Alpha
It's possible to simultaneously activate Heat Up! and attack by inputting the corresponding commands all at once.
For example, from a normal state, Ashley can immediately do a Romance Wing attack by doing: down, down-forward, forward + A + C + D
Likewise, from a normal state Face can do the Heat Up! version of his far D (it sends his opponent flying?) with A + C + D.

Last Boss
The final CPU opponent, "Shin" DeathBringer, starts out with 30,000 Hit Points! He also has a super countdown attack reminiscent of Bahamut's from Final Fantasy. It's possible to damage him normally (percentage-wise) while in Heat Up mode -- charge your meter with throws and Gachi Matches and then use it to defeat him.


Combo Basics
The A Barify Shot gives Urs excellent initiative. When it hits you'll have time to quick step in and combo off of it like so:

A Barify Shot -> quick step -> close C -> C Barify Blade -> Ba-ku-o-n Roadmaster

Hit confirm crouching B x2 into a Roadmaster super. If you're very close, you can combo the crouching kicks into a Barify Blade. For something more exotic try this one:

croching B x2 -> crouching B kara cancel Onsoku Tackle
(2B -> 2B -> 2B~36D)

A 2ch poster uploaded a video of this. Re-upped here. The first attempt is without the kara cancel. The second is with it.

Here's Arcadia's first upper Gachi Drive combo for Urs:
Gachi Drive -> (back step) -> Heat Up! -> Zero Yon Glide x3 -> Barify Blade


Which Finger for Holding D?
Cedric's St. Drop Kick has four levels of power. Hold the D button down a few seconds for level one, then a few seconds more for levels two and three. The button must be held for much longer (most of the round, it seems) to reach level four. Here are the effects:

Level 1: regular hit
Level 2: knock down
Level 3: juggle opportunity
Level 4: juggle opportunity + huge damage

You can combo the St. Drop Kick in a variety of situations, including after a throw: Throw -> Level 4 Drop Kick -> D Holy Devotion does enormous damage.

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