Saturday, August 27, 2011

X-Mania XII

X-Mania starts at 2pm Sunday at Mikado. Mattsun hasn't announced a live stream yet. It might be here:

EDIT: live at that url. Foosuke MC.

I'll update this post if I see anything. Also this weekend there may be national danisen action (i.e. Aniken and ARG fighting YuuVega and Keishin, etc.) Don't miss 40 minutes of Kurahashi vs. Muteki here and here.

Art by Okojo.


  1. most questionable artwork ever

  2. I'm going to take that as a challenge!!!!

  3. Oh btw I'll try to post that Haitani interview this week. It's really good. That guy is sharp.

  4. god the quality of the stream is horrible compared to the versus arcade streams ! ;_;

  5. Yeah in general I'm not very picky but that was especially choppy.

    For big events they should get someone to help co-produce.

  6. Thanks a million for Muteki vs Kurahashi, man!

    BTW, I've found these 15v15 at the related video section, from those links:

    Any details about them?

  7. I second the props for the Muteki/Kurahashi matches. Once Muteki got into what I'd call "vs Ryu" mode, things got exciting :)