Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ooyama Newton Videos 010811

Fourth season ranbat standings as of this contest: 1. Keishin (18), 2. Muneo (16), 2. KKY (16), 4. RYU (13), 5. Gian (10), 5. Kawamata (10)

Part One
Part Two

Nakamura CA, Kawamata RY, Aoki Cyclone ZA, Choshu, KE, Ore GU, Raoh RY, Ora BX, Kikai GU, KKY DH, Hiroyan TH, CB CH, VIPER TH, Keishin CH, Toukon CH, Oji RY, Kotaka Shoten GU, Gakuzan ZA, Shin TH, HA-GE DH, Shiki BX

EDIT: At 17:50 in the first video, it looks like Shiki eats the safe jump standing up then does a Buffalo Headbutt. Someone on the 2ch thread wrote that he probably did a wake-up crouch fierce to force the standing hit stun animation while keeping his charge.


  1. Hi!
    What it mean "nohoho" in the name of blog?

  2. Nohoho is a character from Puyo Puyo. He's allergic to curry, yeah.