Friday, September 10, 2010

Capcom Gals, GMC Radio, Versus Video

Art by Kinu Nishimura. Via andriasang. E-Capcom link. UPDATE: new Tsurumaki videos. Scroll down.

GMC Radio - Otochun and Gian talk SBO

Here are some notes from Dara's interview with Gian and Otochun on Thursday. Dara produced the Grand Master Challenge tourney series. Top Vampire Savior Demitri and, according to Otochun, no slouch with Ryu in Super Turbo.

Otochun said that since Nagase UFO closed, things have dropped off in Kansai somewhat. Even online he doesn't see a lot of Osaka players like Tsuji. Still, he was really confident about his teams chances. ShootingD and Aniken both ready to fight Shiki and Nuki. Aniken has been fighting Tsuji for years and he's been sparring with SuperStar online; Kansai and Chubu players are really familiar with the Boxer match. People think that ShootingD has retired but Otochun said that his Ryu is really tough. If Otochun himself can take out Dhalsim players they have a good shot at taking it. He's been working hard on the Dictator match online and also playing a lot against a local O.Hawk player.

When Dara asked about Chubu teams to look out for Otochun singled out Futachan, MAO and Ito. They've got great team balance and all three are extremely motivated to get a big result. Later on in the show Gian said that DeeJay and his touch-of-death could be a big threat to Muteki's team.

Gian was less enthusiastic than Otochun about his team. Since Kurahashi lives pretty far the three haven't had a chance to practice together. In fact Otochun said he's been having fun playing with YuuVega and Kurahashi online. In general Tokyo players are most wary of Otochun. If Gian can defeat Boxer players he thinks they can win.

Both players spoke really highly of Tamashima's team. Great character balance and "teamwork." Gian hadn't heard of the American players. "No Alex or John Choi," said Otochun. They're both hoping to see Komoda and Taira at the last chance Qs.

Nishinippori Versus Video 090710

Part One
Part Two

Ken (OS), Bu[zan?] (DJ), Yajika (ZA), Fujinuma (CH), Azalea (GU), Gogatsu [Nia?] (EH), Stomach Momio (ZA), Kikai (GU), Shin (TH), AFO (BL), Keishin (CH), Oonishi (DI), KKY (DH), Nuki (CH)
Shinomaru (RY), Nikaiten (BX), YuuVega (DI), Chojin (KE), Toukon (CH), Muneo (RY), Ken (BX), Aoki Cyclone (ZA), Takuto (RY), Sasori (RY), Numa (BX), VIPER (TH), Hanashi (FE), Shiki (BX)

Auto Snack Tsurumaki Videos 062710

Here's Aka Zangief's post; he's got the videos embedded: link.

The rules stipulated that each player's team had to have one original character, one new challenger from Super and one boss. So K didn't go with Hawk because he picked Fei instead.

Pony (ZA, OTH, DI), Kondo (CL, FE, DH), VIPER (TH, RY, DI), TMF (ZA, TH, OS), Numa (DJ, RY, BX), Kusa (CH, DJ, DI), K (FE, BX, RY), Ron (RY, DJ, BX), AFO (BL, FE, BX), Masato (BX, TH, RY), Toratsuki (ZA, DJ, OS), Suika (DH, OS, DJ), Gakuzan (ZA, OTH, DI)


  1. Where are they playing online??

  2. They use ggpo and HDR classic mode on XBL and PSN. I've seen some of the Japanese SBO teams practicing on ggpo recently and YuuVega has been playing HDR classic mode like crazy online.

  3. so japanese do play HDR, nice to know. thanks for the post

  4. hmmm would be very interesting to know where guys like otochun and kurahashi play.

    not interested in their screennames but just the knowledge of which platform they prefer.

  5. There's a dictator tactic where he's close to a cornered opponent and jumps towards him. Yuu's been using that a lot lately he must be working on it online.

    It look like SBO is going to be broadcast live on Nico Video for 1500 yen. I'll post more later.

  6. Updated post. Solo 3on vids. Shame about no star cup this year Aniken (BX, RY, KE) vs. AFO (FE, BX, BL) would have been a terrific card.

  7. What's up with the SBO broadcast? Pay for the entire but free finals? DVD? Foreign fans getting the shaft as usual?

    I hope they include all of the matches on the DVD. Last year's 3S DVD was pathetic as hell. Really embarrassing production from Arcadia.

  8. It seems like Nico doesn't take North American credit cards. I've tried a couple now and it didn't accept local 'Verified by Visa' programs.

  9. aniken is definitely playing on XBL classic mode.

    he even changed his internet provider and got 69mb down and claimed it's almost lag free

    i really prefer the arcade version but maybe classic mode could be acceptable?