Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thriller Blanka Plus Alpha

The ST monitor is on the fritz, and it's given start-color Blanka a wonderfully ghoulish look. Pictures — and the name — courtesy of Riz0ne. Some new videos over here. GreenTea's team took first place in a 3rd Strike 2on that same evening.

Thanks for Live Broadcasts

Here are some tournaments going down this weekend. The times listed are for Japan.

Street Fighter IV - Nagoya Street Battle 11 3on3
12pm on November 28th
Stream TBA — maybe here

Last time they had 55 teams. ARG (@Claw) teamed up with Henboku and Kubo — SBO champs on Super Turbo, Arcana Heart and Melty Blood, respectively — but they lost first round.

Super Turbo - Thunder Beast Cup 3on3
1:30pm on November 29th

Raijuhai in Japanese. Akashachi Kancho probably came up with the name. He wrote that the idea is to have a big 3on3 in Chubu since Kanto has X-Mania and Kansai has Rekku Cup.

Vampire Savior - Baba Mikado Singles
3pm on November 28th (VH at 5)

I can't say with certainty that this event will be streamed live. They used to show all Mikado events but I'm not sure if that's still going on.

Akiman Exhibit

Last month a gallery in Akihabara ran an exhibition of some of Akiman's artwork.

Official poster
Autograph signing video (Sochie @ Gundam character)
Working on a large Chun-Li: One, Two, Three, Four
More pictures
Guest book

A-cho Olympics

The A-cho Capcom Olympics have been scheduled for January 9th and 10th. Tourneys for SF4, SFA3, CVS2, 3S, ST, MVC2 and VS plus an overall winner based on combined results.


  1. Seems like the winner team of the Thunder Beast cup is:

    I'm right ?

  2. Yes. Futachan, Prince, Wassekun 2nd place.

    The stream seems to be saved over here:

  3. Oh huh there are proper videos up on the website, too.