Monday, October 26, 2009

Star Cup Videos 100905

These videos are from the main event a few years ago: The Superstar Cup FINAL*.

* The next year was Neo Star Cup. - ARG (Claw x3) vs. Otochun (Honda, Chun x2) - Gotoh (Ryu x3) vs. Muteki (Guile, DJ, Chun) - Gian (Dhalsim x3) vs. Aniken (Ken x2, Boxer) - KKY (Dhalsim x3) vs. Hakase (Dhalsim x2, Claw) - Mayakon (Hawk x2, O.Hawk) vs. Eronimo [Gunze] (Zangief x3) - Sky High Claw vs. ShootingD (Ryu) - Kokoruru (O.Sagat) vs. Mattsun (Ken) - Kusumondo (Honda) vs. Hakase (Dhalsim) - Kemura (Zangief x3) vs. Tsuji (Boxer x3) - Aniken (Ken x2, Boxer) vs. Mattsun (Ken x2, Cammy) - Macky7 (Boxer x3) vs. ShootingD (Ryu x2, Guile) - Batayan (Honda, Guile x2) vs. ShootingD (Ryu x2, Guile) - Muteki (Guile, DJ, Chun) vs. Hakase (Dhalsim x2, Claw) - Gorilla Imo [Shogatsu] (O.Honda x3) vs. Hakase (Dhalsim x2, Claw) - Otochun (Honda, Chun x2) vs. YuuVega (DJ, Dictator x2) - Oku (Ryu, Chun x2) vs. Otochun (Honda, Chun x2) - Hakase (Dhalsim x2, Claw) vs. ShootingD (Ryu x2, Guile) - Gorilla Imo (O.Honda x3) vs. Macky7 (Boxer x3) - Tsuji (Boxer x3) vs. YuuVega (DJ, Dictator x2) - Otochun (Honda, Chun x2) vs. Aniken (Ken x2, Boxer)


  1. Too bad, I thought Mayakon had come back from years of absence, then I find out these are from 2005.
    I am devastated