Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tougeki '08 Qualifier Vids 051808

A trip back to last spring for the Kasugai 50 SBO Qs? Sounds good. Art by Tomashi.
Aniken (Ken) & Suzuyan (Guile) vs. Gian (Dhalsim) & Futachan (Ryu)
Kouki (O.Ken) & Mayurapapa (Claw) vs. Prince (Chun-Li) & Akashachi Kancho (Blanka)
Papaya (T.Hawk) & ZTT (Zangief) vs. Aniki (Guile) & Head Press Oomura (Dictator)
Aniki (Guile) & Head Press Oomura (Dictator) vs. Isaji (Cammy) & Yuzuru (DeeJay)
Aki (Ryu) & Guts (Sagat) vs. Aniken (Ken) & Suzuyan (Guile)
Aniken (Ken) & Suzuyan (Guile) vs. Kuni (DeeJay) & Guitar O-shiro [?] (Zangief)
Prince (Chun-Li) & Akashachi Kancho (Blanka) vs. Gian (Dhalsim) & Futachan (Ryu)
Aniki (Guile) & Head Press Oomura (Dictator) vs. Gian (Dhalsim) & Futachan (Ryu)


  1. Good stuff as usual.

    On a side note, do you know if the guy in these YouTube videos is the same Gian from ST? I highly doubt it but I was just curious.

  2. Nevermind, he's the guy over here who qualified on 5/10.