Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Komoda Blanka in Shanghai

This past fall, Komoda visited Shanghai and played some exhibition matches with the top players there. Thanks to Tianyuan2k4 for passing this information along.

Vs Sexy Handgun (Ryu)

Vs Cross Fire (DeeJay, Ryu) (SBO '08 Qualifier)

Vs Sexy Hand Gun (Ryu)

Vs X (Boxer, T.Hawk, Ken)

Vs Roonie (Ryu)

Vs J.V (Ken, Boxer)

Vs Magnetic Telepathy (Ryu)

Vs Qing Shui (Boxer) (SBO '08 Qualifier)

Vs Bio Baby (DeeJay, T.Hawk, Claw)

Vs Kami no Tenjin (Chun-Li)

Vs Ru Yue (O.Sagat)

Vs Xiao Xian Xian (Dhalsim, Guile) (Chief manager of that arcade and organizer of this meet up.)

Vs Duolon (Guile, Claw)

Vs Fang Lang (DeeJay, Ryu)


  1. Fucking. Utter. Rape.

  2. Brutal! He dominated them! He's so good, it looks like hax at some points! :D

  3. chinese got a few wins, but damn he did dominate.

  4. I can't watch any of these, is there a chance of some Youtube mirrors?

  5. its the komoda magic!!

  6. the links are dead, i don't suppose there's any chance these matches were mirrored anywhere..? =(