Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ST Trickery: Honda's Auto Mix-up

A while ago, I posted about a special input that will let you throw your opponent if they're idle and DP them if they try a special move. When using E.Honda you can take advantage of his stored command throw glitch to do a special Sumo Auto Mix-up that can defeat some tick escape attempts.

Here is the command for this trick:

→↘↓↙ charge ↖ + P + K

In plain english we've got:
half circle back stopping at down-back to store the Oicho command throw
continue to hold down-back for a couple seconds to charge a butt slam
up-back plus punch plus kick to complete the auto mix-up

You'll want to use this as part of a tick. After you knock your opponent down, make them block a crouching jab as they stand up then finish the above command. If they do nothing you'll snatch them with a command throw. If they try to escape the tick with a special move you'll pass right through it with a butt slam attack. At least, you'll start to go through it -- this trick won't work against all reversal attacks.

Note that in order to have the butt slam charged in time you'll need to do the first part of the command well before you try to tick.

Hat tip: Iroiro Tsuaku Hito and other folks at the T.Akiba bbs.


  1. Great stuff, as always. I didn't know about this option select before.