Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Tougeki '08 Qualifier Vid 041208

-> tougeki08-s2x.wmv (as of today the top link in the center)

Gotoh (Ryu) & The SuperStar (Boxer) vs. DoS (DJ) & Namiken (Dictator)*

* a.k.a. DoS & DoM a.k.a. Popo Soncho & Popo Sousui

Tianyuan2k4 kindly uploaded a bunch of casual matches from the local arcade to his YouTube account. There are quite a few featuring your humble blog editor getting butchered by JustinW.


  1. Nice to see your Blanka in action- looks like you know your character and the matchups really well. I only watched about 5 of the videos but I think you won just about all I saw. The Ryu player looks good, I saw one vid (9/9) and it seems a few times you tried to bait him into a reversal dp maybe? Only if he can nail those consistently and it seems like he can.

  2. noh2: Who qualified on May 24th and May 25th?

  3. David - Yeah that Ryu hits about 14 out of 15 reversal attempts. We split casual games but when he plays more seriously at tournaments he usually has my number.

    649 -
    Wassekun (Sim) & Guts (Sagat)
    Taira (Dic) & Shiro (Ryu)

  4. You can check the playlist for the matches in Chinatown Fair:

    Just scroll down you will find them. Other than vs Justin, Nohoho sensei makes Blanka look like top tier, heh.

    Tian, in GuangZhou now :)

  5. Thank you for uploading, man! Have fun in China!