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Japanese SSF2T Player Report - Part 4

Boxer Players

Japanese: つーじー
Color: red
Sub-character: Fei-Long
Region: Kansai (UFO)
2006 Wins/Losses: 22 / 11 (67%)
W/L vs. top players: 15 / 11 (58%)

X-Mania 2001 3on3: 1st
Star Cup 5: 1st
Grand Master Challenge S1 FINAL: 3rd
Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 1st
Club Sega HSF 5on5 (2007): 1st
Neo Star Cup 2007: 1st (Box, Box, Fei)

Japanese: タマシマ、たまちゃん
Color: blue(varies)
Sub-character: Chun-Li, DJ
Region: Kanto (More)
2006 Wins/Loses: N/A
W/L vs. top players: N/A

X-Mania (2000) 3on3: 3rd
Star Cup 3: 1st (Boxer, Boxer, DJ)
X-Mania IV (2003) 3on3: 1st
X-Mania VIII (2007) 3on3: 1st
Super Battle Opera '08 2on2: 3rd (tie)

One of the fiercest ST players, Tamashima doesn't enter many events, but when he does they tend to be more exciting. Tsuji and Tama both play merciless Boxer games, but Tama seems to have a bit of an edge when it comes to fighting against Guile and Dhalsim players, whereas Tsuji is tougher against Ryu and Ken.

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The SuperStar
The SuperStar Cup Results/BBS
Japanese: ザ☆スーパースター
Color: blue
Sub-character: DJ, T.Hawk
Region: Chubu (Kasugai 50)
2006 Wins/Losses: 29 / 15 (66%)
W/L vs. top players: 12 / 14 (46%)

Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 2nd
X-Mania VII (2006) HSF 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 1st

The SuperStar's Star Cup series of tournaments helped to keep the Japanese ST tourney scene hot even at this late date. He's a champion of Street Fighter in more ways than one.

AKA: Macky7
Makki-7's Web Page
Japanese: まっきー7
Region: Kansai (Leebros, UFO)
2006 Wins/Losses: 12 / 9 (57%)
W/L vs. top players: 7 / 7 (50%)

X-Mania V (2004) HSF 3on3: 3rd

Japanese: postman
Region: Kansai
2006 Wins/Loses: 3 / 2
W/L vs. top players: 1 / 2

Club Sega HSF 5on5 (2007): 2nd

Claw Players

Japanese: ARG、ARGベアークロー
Color: light blue/dark green
Sub-character: Dictator, Ryu
Region: Chubu
2006 Wins/Losses: 33 / 16 (67%)
W/L vs. top players: 16 / 12 (57%)

Star Cup 4: 1st (Claw, Claw, Claw)
X-Mania VII (2006) HSF 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 1st
X-Mania VIII (2007) 3on3: 1st
Super Battle Opera '08 2on2: 1st

ARG uses the most reviled character in the game, but he nevertheless manages to win people over with his enthusiasm. Also, he specializes in Claw's ground game as opposed to using the "hyou bal"* style. The highlight of ARG's fighting style is his corner trap. Like trapped birds, his opponents flutter fruitlessly as they are stabbed to death. Fear the horrible "Bird Cage of the Claw."

* - Derogatory Japanese slang for nothing-but-wall-dives Claw.
Hyou (the sound he makes) + Balrog (character name in asian version of SF)

Sagat Players

Otochun, YuuVega and yaya

yaya's Sagat/Blanka Strategy Page
Japanese: yaya
Color: white
Sub-character: DJ, Guile
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 8 / 6
W/L vs. top players: 2 / 4

X-Mania V (2004) HSF 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VII (2006) SSF2T 3on3: 2nd

The key to yaya's game is the unpredictability of his Tiger Shots. Daigo is known for his unreadable Umehadou technique, but the Beast himself was once schooled by the FB-that-can't-be-anticipated from "white shorts" Sagat. When Daigo first faced yaya he was baffled by the amount of FBs yaya threw. And yet, "it was only when I jumped at him that he wouldn't be firing an FB," remarked Daigo.

Dictator Players

Japanese: 泰羅
Color: light grey
Sub-character: Sagat, Cammy
Region: Kanto
2006 Wins/Losses: 34 / 11 (76%)
W/L vs. top players: 7 / 6 (54%)

X-Mania VI (2005) HSF 3on3: 1st
Hyper Mania 4 HSF 3on3: 1st
Super Battle Opera '07 HSF 2on2: 2nd

Even though he started playing only recently, Taira progressed with unbelievable speed, catching up to Emperor YuuVega himself. His play style is incredibly polished and flexible: while he's got a shade less destructive power than Yuu, in exchange, he demonstrates a lot more stability. Has Taira transfigured Dictator, a "gambler's character," into a dependable winner? Pay attention to this bright new star.

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Japanese: ユウベガ
Color: blue
Sub-character: DJ, Claw
Region: Kansai
2006 Wins/Losses: 20 / 13 (61%)
W/L vs. top players: 8 / 10 (44%)

X-Mania 2001 3on3: 1st
X-Mania V (2004) HSF 3on3: 2nd
X-Mania VI (2005) SSF2T 3on3: 3rd
Club Sega 5on5 (2006): 1st
Club Sega HSF 5on5 (2007): 1st
Club Sega 5on5 (2008): 1st
Super Battle Opera '08 2on2: 3rd (tie)

"Who would you least like to face in a tournament?"
If there was a survey that posed that question, it's YuuVega's name that would likely get the most votes. He's the master of Dictator BS victories. His cross-up okiseme, in particular, is a nightmare:

bonk, bip, bip, whap, frrrrroosh -> woo woo woo woo
shhh, bip, bip, whap, thwak, thwak -> peace out

Japanese: キモ丸
Color: blue
Region: Kansai (UFO)
2006 Wins/Losses: 24 / 10 (71%)
W/L vs. top players: 2 / 6

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