Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Nishinippori Versus Video 062910

Captains Viper and Choshu took turns picking teammates.

Part 2 @1:37 crouch to make the jump medium kick whiff.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three

Muneo (CH), Shin (TH), Aoki Cyclone (ZA), VIPER (TH), Nakamura (CA), Hiroyan (TH), Numa (DJ), Sasori (RY), Toukon (CH)
Kurahashi (RY), N Yama (FE), Noguchi (FE), Sumida (ZA), Shinomaru (RY), Fujinuma (CH), Choshu (KE), KKY (BX, MC), Nikaiten (BX, MC)

Art by Kosamedaizu.


  1. I dunno, man. It sounded like Kurahashi did j. roundhouse and just timed the safe jump poorly, got thrown upon landing. Seems like a natural whiff to me.

  2. Talking about the exchange after that with Hawk's jump medium kick.

  3. Here's the deal with the followups from T.Hawk's RH hold.

    Against Ryu and Ken after Hawk's RH hold you can jump at them and you'll land on the other side of them for a cross up jumping attack. This only happens if the elbow bashing animation of the RH hold completes though. If the hit animation of the elbow is interrupted, then Hawk won't cross up and he'll land right in front of his opponent but the jump won't be even close to safe. So as long as the last hit of the hold completely animates you can go for the cross up against Ryu and Ken.

    It doesn't matter if it's two or three hits. As long as the last hit connects then your jumping attack will cross over and hit on the opposite side.

    Now here's where it sucks for
    N.Hawk. The jumping medium kick whiffs against Ryu and Ken if they duck after the RH hold. In a normal cross up after knockdown the will hit but the distance and timing of the RH hold create a perfect situation where misses as a cross up against a ducking shoto.

    Even worse is that if they duck and throw, sweep, or mash buttons even, they get free attacks on Hawk. The way you beat that is to do a j.down+fierce which will hit a ducking shoto. Only problem is that N.Hawk's j.down+fierce whiffs against a standing shoto from the RH hold. Pathetic. So you with N.Hawk you have to guess if you want to go for a cross up.

    You can also simply walk under the shoto after the RH hold and go for a crouching jab into negative edge but that is a weak flowchart with limited potential.

    That is why O.Hawk is so much better. His splash hits both standing and crouching shotos after a RH hold because it has a huge hitbox. You simply j.down+fierce with O.Hawk and there's no need to worry about if your opponent is crouching or standing. It's even a safe jump against most of the dragon punches that the shotos have.

    - VirtuaFighterFour

  4. Goddamn. Kurahashi knows everything, then.

  5. Thanks for the breakdown VF4.

    In a Ken vs. Guile fight whether or not Ken gets a jump in after a knee bash also depends on how the grab ended.