Sunday, June 6, 2010

Gamer's Vision SBO Q 060610

Abebin (E.Honda), Oonishi (Dictator) and Sasori (Ryu) won a blue ticket. Stream archive here and here. Art by Kyujukyu.

Some OCVs:
Muneo (O.Sagat) over Tokido (Claw), Nakamu (Blanka) and Yoshio (Guile)
AFO (Blanka) over Aomori (Claw), Shacho (Cammy) and tomo (Ryu)
Oonishi (Dictator) over MAO (Claw), Ito (DeeJay) and Futachan (Ryu)

From the post below this, Frank Dux Dim Mak said...
Oonishi vega (dic) is a BEAST


  1. Oonishi had been tearing it up at those ranking and team battles recently. His style of play is a mix between Taira and YuuVega. He goes for the big crossups and dizzies occasionally like Yuu, but he also borrowed Taira's throw traps and bait and punish setups. The way Oonishi plays against Old Sagat and Ryu is very bait and punish heavy.

    His defense isn't as strong as Taira's but then again Taira has probably the best defense of any ST player at this point. Taira must know about in which direction a character's crossups should be blocked most of the time or something.

  2. Taira did stop by to say hello last weekend. Still not clear if he and Shiro are going to try to qualify.

    I think you're right that Oonishi's game is somewhere between Yuu's insta-kill and Taira's tactical style. Muneo's team seems like a safe bet for a Q at this point -- a rematch between him and Oonishi at the main event would be great.

  3. So many upset OCVs, I love it. Has AFO unleashed his own inner beast? He seems on fire lately.