Thursday, June 3, 2010

Auto Snack Tsurumaki Vids 052310

This event was a two-man 4on4 like last year's Star Cup warm-up. *Not sure about this name.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four
Part Five
Part Six

Semifinal A
Semifinal B

3rd Place Match


Team list:
Ryokucha (Ken, O.Ken) & Kondo (Claw, Dhalsim)

Yuzuru (DJ x3) & Ron (Ryu)

Kashiwagi (Guile, Boxer) & Kannami (Ryu x2)

AFO (Blanka, O.Blanka) & Kusa (Chun, Honda)

Gakuzan (Zangief x2) & Taoki (Boxer x2)

Peco (O.Ken x2) & Nyo (DJ x2)

Pao (DJ, Ken) & Komoda (Ryu, Blanka)

YuuVega (DJ, Dictator) & Goh Ken (O.Ken, Cammy)

Sumida* (Zangief, O.Gief) & TMF (Zangief x2)

Suika (Dhalsim x2) & S (Ryu, Hawk)


  1. Hmm... Gakuzan does a couple things that hint at him also possibly being Jodim from GGPO

  2. Jodim goes by "Nogyo" in the offline scene, so it's doubtful.

  3. o.blanka? lol really?

    Is thta just for shits and giggles or does he have like a fun setup he likes to do or something?

  4. AFO wrote on mixi a while ago that he used O.Blanka for practice. Also even though the rules didn't prohibit duplicate characters, it seems like some teams went without them just for fun.

  5. ah yea I can see how it would work for practice, no slides/hop/ cancel(last one im not sure about). kinda like training with weights to make it harder.