Saturday, June 26, 2010

Fukuoka SBO Qualifier Preview

The G-Com Wajiro contest is tomorrow. Here are two bits of info that may or may not be pertinent.

G-Com Danisen Ranks as of Today

Nikaiten has incorporated these into the main site (location in red) but there is a separate blog, too.

7th Dan: Kyararaida (EH), M Ryu (RY)

6th Dan: AHO (CL), Isaji (CA), Jay (RY), Kyararaida (DJ)

5th Dan: Giondaiko (DJ), Hashikko (ZA), Micchan (ZA), Misumaru Yurika (OZ), Misumaru Yurika (ZA)

4th Dan: Isaji (OK), Micchan (SG), Beaver (OT), Raichi (BL), Yumu* (CL), Kyararaida (KE)

3rd Dan: Giondaiko (DI), HIMO (BL), Yoshikazu (BX)

2nd Dan: J,O (DH), PST (OR), PST (OK), Kuni (DI), Yumu (OCL)

* Not sure how to read this nickname.

Tough Unqualified Kansai and Chubu Teams

Don't know if any of these guys are going to make the trip but the above players would have their work cut out for them if so.

Akashachi Kancho (BL), Gotoh (RY), Nakamura (CA)

Batayan (GU), Okafei (FE), Gunze (ZA)

Kachu (CL), Suzuki (GU), Seki (DJ)

Kusumond (EH), Yabu (CA), {Yomiaido (RY) or Nero (BL)}

ARG (CL), Prince (CH), Star (BX)

HAS (FE), Tencho (RY), Roku (EH)

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