Friday, June 4, 2010

GVision Live Plus A-cho, Versus Vids

There are two events at Gamer's Vision this weekend both of which are going to be broadcast live. Times for Japan.

Live stream

Ranking Battle - 2on2
Saturday, June 5th at 8pm

SBO Qualifiers - 3on3
Sunday, June 6th at 3pm*

* Start time from Aka Zangief who says he's not sure. I can't find a time on the official site. I'll update if I see something more solid.
EDIT: KSK confirmed 3 o'clock.

A-cho 2on Vids 050510

Some great matches in this batch. Otochun and Nekohashi didn't make it out of their block (vs. Kusumondo and MAO's teams.)
ARCADE -> "大会動画" (sixth link on the left)

acho_sp2x_20100429a.asx - Kachu (Claw) & Rokko Honda vs. Prince (Chun-Li) & ARG (Claw)

acho_sp2x_20100429b.asx - Mori (Boxer) & Seki (DeeJay) vs. Yabu (Cammy) & Kusumondo (E.Honda)

acho_sp2x_20100429c.asx - MAO (Claw) & Ito (DeeJay) vs. Tsuji (Boxer) & Inro (O.Chun-Li)

acho_sp2x_20100429d.asx - Futachan (Ryu) & Danjiri Dhalsim vs. Teppei (Guile) & Murasaki Vega (Dictator)

acho_sp2x_20100429e.asx - Semifinal A
acho_sp2x_20100429f.asx - Semifinal B

acho_sp2x_20100429g.asx - 3rd Place Match

acho_sp2x_20100429h.asx - Final

Versus Team Showdown Vids 060110

Part 1.1
Part 1.2

Part 2.1
Part 2.2

Tono (DI), Love Plus Shin (FE), Hiroyan (TH), Kikai (GU), Abebin (EH), Shin (TH), Kurahashi (RY), Seme Musician [Yuzuru] (DJ), Fujinuma (CH, MC), Nikaiten (BX, MC), Mu (DH), Choshu (KE), H (BL), Nakamura (CA), Shinomaru (RY), Shu (KE), VIPER (TH), Keishin (CH), Sasori (RY), Numa (BX), Toukon (CH), Yakitori (TH), Peco (OK), Tonegawa (KE)



    Use VLC player, choose 'open network', put the URL of the video in and watch. There are programs to stream, capture, and actually index .asx files if anyone wants to as well.

    BTW Nohoho there are some sick AE videos being posted from Ikeburo Las Vegas regularly on Zoome.

  2. I just link to the front page because they request it. Wait maybe that's what MJ used to do and I was following his lead.

    Ikebukuro Vegas is having a CE and HF Boxer only tourney next week. Should be really funny.

  3. Mori as in Chief Mori that old school dude?

    Btw: I can't seem to find an old video-batch that I remember watching on this site. It was from the late 90s I think and featured among others Mori, Foosuke and Hamah(?).

  4. Yeah, they call him Mori Oah.

    I re-upped that video: link

  5. i play CE boxer ^^ are they gonna be hosting the vids anywhere would you happen to know?

  6. Yes, thank you, that was the one I was talking about.

  7. Frank Dux Dim MakJune 6, 2010 at 4:29 AM

    Oonishi vega (dic) is a BEAST

  8. acho removed the st videos already......

    i guess i'm too late.

    i think the reason they forbid direct link to the video is that they hosted the files temselve.

    maybe they could leverage nico or youtube. now these video are no longer available, how sad