Sunday, June 13, 2010

ST Results

Yotsukaido Messe Solo 3on3 Results 061210

32 entrants
1 Gian (Dhalsim x3)
2 AFO (Blanka, Boxer, Fei-Long)

Last tourney at that arcade they're going out of business. Tough times. There are some videos here, but the uploads are a couple events behind.

Shiogama Space Shuttle SBO Qs 061310

MAO (Claw), Ito (DeeJay) and Futachan (Ryu) won a spot.

Psycho Powah

Any interesting OCVs this weekend? Hmm...

Kim1234 (Dictator) over Shiro (Abel), Mizoteru (Blanka) and Ojisan Boy (Sagat)

Awesome! Good luck Kim, Air and Misse!


  1. Smaller arcades are barely surviving in Japan and are closing week after week it seems like. Lots of them were not even able to afford SFIV machines which is the biggest money maker in arcades. Sega and Namco are operating only 60% of the arcades that they had compared to two years ago. Tough times indeed.

  2. Really hope the arcade scene can stay alive indefinitely in Japan. It's too bad that it's obviously shrinking as it did in the West during the mid-90s.

  3. Is it just because his area has more public results or is AFO just killing it lately?

  4. Shiro and Taira dominated those Gian Recital ranbats but AFO was getting some big wins then too.

    Still curious if he can come up with some big stuff vs. Nuki in danisen fights.