Sunday, June 27, 2010

G-Com SBO Qs 062710

12 teams

1st Kusumondo (E.Honda), Yabu (Cammy), Gunze (Zangief)
2nd Toukon (Chun-Li), Muneo (O.Sagat), Yuzuru (DeeJay)

We will wipe out everyone who's thinking, "let's just go with top tier characters!"

Nero [Blanka] couldn't enter because of work. We'll head to the main event with his determination, too.

"Now recruiting wives."


  1. I'd like to see Zangief and Cammy win SBO...even if they have a Honda on their team :-P

  2. Gunze apparently swept (reverse OCV) the finals. Honda Gief is a pretty good combo. Yabu hopefully gets a chance to come up with big stuff vs. a Chun or Dhalsim.

    Someone on 2ch saying K, Toutanki and Yoshimura teaming up. Box, Hawk, Sim or O.Hawk, Hawk, Sim maybe.

  3. Reverse OCV'ing Toukon (Chun-Li), Muneo (O.Sagat), Yuzuru (DeeJay) with Gief is some sick shit. I wouldn't bet on them, but I do certainly hope they will go far!