Tuesday, September 14, 2010

How to Buy a Nico Live Ticket for Tougeki

In order to watch the SBO Super Turbo live broadcast you'll need to buy a "ticket" on Nico that lets you access the show on Sunday. One day tickets cost 1,500 "Nico Nico Points" which are 1,500 yen or about 18 dollars. I can't recommend purchasing one of these tickets for the following reasons:
  • Super Turbo is one of the more esoteric of the six games being shown on Sunday so it may not get much camera time. The final is the only thing guaranteed to get broadcast.

  • People may set up free (bootleg) mirrors. I don't know how vigilant Stickam, Justin.tv or Ustream staff have been in the past about shutting those down. Of course, Nico says its forbidden etc. etc. but there's only so much they can do on their end to stop it.

  • Premium Nico video account holders — paid for above and beyond this ticket scheme — get priority access to live broadcasts. The SBO gateway has the usual white and yellow doors for this. So people who pay for a ticket but are using free accounts may still face reduced quality and/or a viewer cap.

  • The method I'll outline below cost me 28 dollars instead of 18. Nico doesn't take American credit cards and I got dinged paying through other means.

If you're feeling undeterred I've put together a quick guide for buying a ticket for Sunday. h/t Laban

Before you start you'll need:
  • A Nico video account. Sign-up starts here. Put in your email address. The form on the next page hasn't changed that much since my how-to. Nickname, gender, birthday, where you're from, password, security question. I think you can register on their Spanish or German sites if you prefer.

  • A Paypal account with a balance of at least $30.

First you need to purchase points on WebMoney that will go towards the Nico points. They have an english affiliate site here. Buy the points there and charge them to an account on the main site here. The former has english guides to the latter I don't think I need to go over it.

While logged in to your Nico acount, go here:


Click on the amount of points that you want to purchase.

Select WebMoney from the list of payment options.

Confirm payment method and points.

Choose the 'pay with WebMoney wallet' option.

Enter your WebMoney wallet ID and password. (again, there's a guide to setting this up on that SuToCorp link above)

Click the numbers to enter your four digit security password.

Click the orange button to complete the order.

Points successfully purchased.

Once you've taken care of that, you're going to spend the points on the ticket for Sunday's live broadcast.


When you click the pink button there's a pop up that warns you that this command cannot be undone.

When the broadcast starts Sunday, September 9th at 10 am (Japan) go here and cross your fingers:


The white door should open. Click on it to see Muneo sweeping everybody in ST and RF sweeping everybody in SF4.


  1. That's a great guide, thank you a lot for it. It must have taken you some time to prepare it, more sincere thanks for that.

    I am willing to watch the stream, but I am unsure what time the ST tournament will take place. For personal reasons I will not state here, this can prevent me from watching the whole thing, so I am worried.


  2. http://twitter.com/itsumobasho/status/24356682888

    Reno said the stream is Japanese IP only. I was also told that it was Japanese only. Buy at your own risk.

  3. Do you have some other link? I can't read that twitter.

    His blog says: "Edit: According to ATG, he was able to purchase a pass for the stream without a Japanese credit card, so it looks like overseas users shouldn’t have a problem with the stream."

  4. # @Zerochan I've heard from several people that it's true, but I'm asking the Tougeki staff for confirmation.

    2:27 AM Sep 13th via web in reply to Zerochan

    Just FYI, but SBO/Tougeki's pay per view stream on Nico Douga is Japan IP only... you have been warned.

    2:13 AM Sep 13th via web