Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Versus Video 083110 Plus Alpha

More good stuff from Hanashi Fei. Along with Keishin and Hiroyan he's one of 2010's break out tough guys.

Part One
Part Two

The Fukaya F-1 arcade is going to be closing later this month. Shinohonda has been running monthly ST tourneys there for more than a year now. The last "Gowasu Cup" is scheduled for the day after SBO.

At Gamer's Vision this Saturday the ranking battle season will be wrapping up.
SSF2T 2on2
September 4th @ 8pm (Japan)
Live broadcast

Current standings:
Gian 21 points
Yuu 20 points
Kurahashi 20 points
KKY 10 points
MAO 7 points
Futachan 7 points
Muneo 7 points
Toukon 7 points


  1. Damn. Another arcade going down

  2. Smaller independently run arcades are having a lot of trouble staying afloat. The major companies like Sega are closing their smaller arcades and trying to drive traffic to their larger clubs especially the ones in major urban areas. Considering that SSFIIX is an old game, Capcom brand, and not super popular, this is bad news for the Japanese X scene. When small arcades close down, that are X centric, it's harder to rebuilt those local scenes. And worse is that the Japanese are the strongest scene for SSFIIX and are the lifeblood of that game. If the SSFIIX scene keeps losing arcades it'll be tougher to keep the game at events like Tougeki or regular features in Arcadia.

  3. is nuki still in any of these ranking battle? from the last ranking battle where he won 4 straight, there need to be a new rank name after nuki

  4. hey you dont post results of sf4 much since ssf4 is console only.. but please could you post the list of teams and players that have made it to SBO/tougeki this year?? would really appreciate it, thanks

  5. 1136 - Nuki is at the top of the Danisen rankings. He does have the 'ouja' rank all to himself.

    Ranking Battles are different from Danisen events though: they're just regular tournaments where the winners get points that add up throughout the season.

    250 - TGS posted them over here:

  6. thanks for the link nohoho