Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ooyama Newton Video 091110

Commentary by Gian and KKY. Art by Chiko.

Part One
Part Two

Yuzuru (DJ), AFO (BL), VIPER (TH), Shin (TH), Kita (CH), Kikai (GU), Mayumura (OR), Kusa (CH), Hiroyan (RY), KKY (DH), Numa (BX), Choshu (KE), Muneo (OS), Ron (RY), Chabozu (SG), CB (CH), Gian (DH)


  1. I'm watching the VF finals on the SBO Nico Stream. It's working, no IP restrictions or anything, though it's choppy as hell. Everyone should be able to watch the SSFIIX finals on Nico though the quality might be lacking. I seriously hope that they do DVDs with ALL of the matches on them.

    - VF4

  2. Yeah it's working for me. If anyone else is watching click the "COMMENT" bird (next to the volume) to disable onscreen comments.